August 8, 2019

A 6-Step process to uncover your Best, Brightest Self.


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It’s been said that clarity is the key to success.

But, with unlimited distractions, a million possibilities, and so many Abraham Hicks videos we could be watching on YouTube, how do we decide what to do with our precious time here on Earth?

You have to start by being motivated with what the heck you’re working toward; otherwise, all of the goals, mantras, and excitement will wane, and you’ll be right back to confusion lane in about five minutes.

That’s how I came up with this six-step process to decide what your number-one priority should be for the next few weeks, months, or year—that part is up to you. This process includes your big picture so that you can start to get pumped as you walk toward the brightest version of yourself.

Ready to stop floundering around and make magic?

Here we go:

Step One: Let’s clear your head.

Using your favorite notebook, app, or that vegan muffin wrapper, write down every damn project or idea that’s been bouncing around in your head. You can also include all those little to-do list items that like to join the party, like “Buy new notebooks,” or “Send aunt Fran a new cat leash.”

Basically, your list should include every thought that is keeping you from this present moment. 

Step Two: Let’s get visu—all…

Set a timer for 20 minutes or take 5 to 10 deep breaths—whatever helps clear you mind so you can call in a vision of yourself in five years from now. Let it be the brightest visualization of your biggest, brightest, sparkliest self. You’ll know this is working if you feel some tears in your eyes.

Step Three: Get your pen again.

After your vision is clear, write down what you saw:

>> Were you dressed in a ball gown?
>> What did it feel like?
>> Who was there?
>> How old were you?
>> Where did you live?
>> What colors did you see?

Get as specific as possible. Think about all your senses too, paying attention to how you felt prior to visualization and how you feel now after visualizing your dream life. This will help you manifest that reality and clear the overwhelm keeping you from achieving your goals.

Step Four: Circle that sh*t.

Circle the top four items from your giant brain dump that you believe will get you closest to that sparkly, amazing vision you saw in your meditation. Don’t overthink this. By circling your top four, you are narrowing your focus for our ultimate bull’s-eye decision.

Step Five: Walk it out.

Let’s step away for a hot minute. If you can, head outdoors for a walk. When we start to move our bodies, we literally walk our way into our highest selves and eliminate distractions, such as the ding of our inbox.

If you can’t go for a walk, sitting still and closing your eyes is a nice second place. Just be sure to step away from your paper, computer, or phone. (Trust me, even though you are amazing, everyone will be okay without you for the next 10 minutes!)

Step Six: Pick.

Circle the one item from your list that will get you to your desired vision of your highest self the fastest. Remember, you only have four to choose from—so think fast and use your gut to decide what’s the most important thing to you right now.

Way to go! You are now a badass with focus.

Now, that’s unstoppable.


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