August 30, 2019

The Most Wild & Dark time of our Lives, according to Astrology.


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“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed


If you haven’t entered your Saturn return, or aren’t aware of what a Saturn return is, it’s basically a huge energetic shift within our lives.

It happens every 28-29 years, which is the amount of time it takes for Saturn to move around the Earth and return to where it was when you were born. So, as we enter our late 20s or 50s, we are moving with this full circle effect of the planet Saturn.

Saturn is often described as a grandfather type energy, and the return of your Saturn is a time for transformation, clearing, and reconstruction. Rebuilding relationships, toxic cycles, past traumas, and the patterns we find ourselves in become the main questions of our lives.

One year ago, I entered my Saturn return, but it honestly felt like I was catapulted into a black hole. If I only knew how amazing the transformation and journey would be, maybe I would have found the chance to trust the universe a little better. I was drowning in the trenches for a bit, sinking in quicksand, but I found my way out one step at a time.

The saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” couldn’t ring truer. Saturn return is going to feel like you are living in a movie; is it a comedy, a drama, a horror, or all the above?

The synchronization will seem hilarious, you’ll be talking to yourself and the sky like the “Truman Show,” and you’ll wonder when the dramatic scenes will end, but they won’t. Because in your Saturn return it’s just one chaotic scene after the next.

So basically, Saturn returns are the perfect time for the universe to help us strengthen our adaptation muscles. Our ability to mold and flow with the chaos and the f*ckery that will be overflowing into our paths.

We will question who we are, imposter syndrome at its finest.

We will isolate and seclude ourselves to ward off the toxic people.

We will cry. We will want to escape. We will also have days and weeks when we are blissfully content and feeling on top of the world, sort of like we are bipolar.

One day, we will feel like we are on our path, insanely happy, and naturally high. Then, the next day we will wake up feeling like we got hit by a truck, emotionally destroyed, and physically swollen. We absorb energy at the highest rate during this time because we are in the most transformational time of our lives. We are sponges.

We will question why the f*ck certain people came into our paths, and we will exhaust ourselves until our brains are mush. Maybe you’ll break a bone as I did, become homeless, start from scratch, move cities, get f*cked over by friends and family, or become completely misunderstood, and yet, still feel like you’re thriving.

The glimpses of gratitude becoming illuminated during this process—the highs and lows are real. Embrace that sh*t and flow.

So, cheers to you, my friend. If you are wandering through the confusing forests of your Saturn return, just keep moving forward. You’ve got this.

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