September 12, 2019

10 Things I learned from the Wisdom of Trees.

What I learned from a tree.

1. If you have dead leaves, just let them go. Let go of sick parts from your life, sick people from your life, sick thoughts from your mind.

2. Stand still no matter what. There will be winds, there will be storms, there will be too much sun or no water. But as long as we are breathing, we have to be still.

3. Be grounded. Even earthquakes will hit us. Know where you are and why you are there.

4. Go with the flow and let your leaves move toward the direction where the wind leads you. Trust what God has prepared for you.

5. If you have too much weight on your leaves, learn how to bend your branches to release the pressure. Never take more than you can carry.

6. Be patient. No need to rush. Wait for the best to come, wait for the storms to pass.

7. Don’t give up when the circumstances change. Seasons change, people change, emotions change…and remember they can change again.

8. Don’t get older and grumpier; get wiser and calmer.

9. Serve nature with all of your fruits, flowers, and whatever else you have. Share with other beings. Share your power, share your love, share your compassion with whomever you can reach.

10. Never forget your roots. Who you really are. Where you are coming from. A pine tree cannot act like a maple tree. Study yourself, get to learn your own dharma in this life.

Remember that you can do all of the above list alone, but never forget that with the other trees like you, you become a forest.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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