September 16, 2019

I’m not in a Relationship—but I’m not “Single.”

I’m not in a relationship, and I don’t see myself as “single”

I am already full and expanding more every day

I am connected with my inner being

My higher self

My team all around me

To every molecule in the Universe

I co-create with each soul journeying with me, through collective consciousness, in an entangled cosmic dance

Love flows through me, as I allow, filling me up

It channels its way outward, filling others

I am bliss

I am one-ness

I am whole

I am enough

I am powerful

I am love

I am acknowledged by life

I am seen by the unseen and held aloft

I don’t search for love from outside

I don’t require a lover to complete me

I don’t want for anything

To need is an illusion

My potency dwells within


Knowledge integrated into wisdom

God force flowing freely through my vessel

Is the only guarantee

Of security

Steering our own ship fully

Knowing ourselves

It takes courage, embarking on that journey

To go beyond what we thought we knew

A connected, divinely fuelled badass

Status: free and exploring planet Earth

Loving my body and playfulness

Embracing my soul’s purpose

“Single” doesn’t cut it

“Single” is a diminishment of what I am choosing

“Single” implies I am broken and waiting for my other half

“Single” is someone else’s value system applied to my divine birthright

“Single” sucks

I am embodied unity

Perfectly imperfect

Powerful and magical

Wonder-filled and curious

A unique aspect of divine intelligence

Not waiting

I am free now

To become the highest expression of me

Status: Universally connected

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