September 25, 2019

The Plight of Happiness is Fraught with Disappointment.

The plight of happiness is fraught with disappointment.

Happiness and light are not states we are created to live in permanently. However, this idea is fed to us—this idea that anything other than happiness and positivity is bad—that if we feel sadness, it somehow means that we are ungrateful for the things that we have.

Why are we not taught that there is a healing quality in darkness, doubt, fear, and worry? Why are we not taught that there is a healthy element to sadness—that while we should not wallow in these states, we should visit and feel into their teachings? Why are we not taught that coming to accept what we feel is more powerful than the feeling itself, or that wanting to be in a state other than the one that we are in is harmful?

Why are we not taught that our bodies know what we need; heart, mind, and soul?


The Sheltering Darkness 

The sheltering darkness gives you

No option but to gather up all

That you’ve learnt, recited; all

That makes your belly boil, and your

Muscles tense; all that niggles,

Refuses to become comfortable,

Refuses to settle in,

Refuses to be quiet.

The darkness calls it all in

So it’s all so close that you cannot ignore it.

You have to feel it all.

All edges, all smooth, all rough, all sharp;

You have to try it all on, let it adorn

Your body—envelop your body. 

The darkness demands that you take

The time

To feel it for yourself

So that when you emerge into the light of day,

You don’t repeat stories that you’ve been told;

You don’t wear things that burn your skin,

Cramp your edges; you don’t whisper

When you should sing; you don’t run when

You are called to stay.

The darkness has been my teacher

And each time she sends me lessons,

I leave renewed, with a sense of strength,

A deeper gratitude for her;

For knowing that I have some growing to do.

I emerge from the darkness,

Remembering all I had forgotten;

Remembering that the power is in me.


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