September 11, 2019

Why I’m okay with being a B+ Mom.


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See this photo? Some days, we pick our own food, but mostly my kid likes to dig for worms, pick up rocks, and pick up the occasional goat dropping.

I think I can be honest with you. I am totally okay with life being imperfect.⁠ In fact, it makes for a better story.⁠

I am a B+ mom.⁠

I let go of perfect a long time ago and decided to strive for good enough. And I want to teach my kids to do the same. Because not being an over-achiever is worth the peace of mind.⁠

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean we shouldn’t try. I just mean that we shouldn’t try so hard to be perfect. In my dad’s words, “Shoot for the stars and hope like hell you can clear the trees.”⁠

So, how do I teach my kids that there is no perfect? ⁠

Well, I started by letting go of my decorative towels years ago. You know the ones that hang in the bathroom for no one to use?

I embrace the mess my kids make because there is no creativity without it.⁠

I make dinners that no one eats and remake them into other meals while saying a little prayer.⁠

I’m mostly parenting by instinct so we’ll see how that goes.⁠

I fail—and I guess that I’ll have to let my kids do that too.⁠

Look, life is short. Seriously, everyone, we have less than 12 years (or maybe even less than that!). I don’t want anyone around here thinking that I’m perfect.⁠

Because that would be terribly boring. ⁠

⁠How do you do good enough? Are you okay with being B+ too?⁠


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