October 16, 2019

For my Heartbroken Friend: your World is Growing every Day.

Have you ever sat in the passenger seat of someone else’s heartbreak?

Driving around together, zig-zagging in Zzzs in a city that never sleeps. Giving space for their inner torment to rest in the ears of a friend like you, just for a while.

Allowing the cogs to churn at double the pace of the vehicle you have nestled into for who knows how long, until an inch of clarity is met—until an ounce of peace is found.

And you pray, “Let the words come.”

“How did you get over your past relationships?” he asks.

I’m not sure you ever get over someone who lit a fire within you. Someone you invested yourself in. They will always be a part of your journey and take up space in your heart.

There’s no need to squeeze them out or mold them into the monster our mind make-believes.

I believe they should stay exactly who they are in our hearts.

Our past lovers do not shrink smaller—but our world grows bigger around them.

As time goes by, I occasionally wave to my past lovers in the busy streets of my heart. They wave back.

I acknowledge their presence, accept their position in my past and present, and wish them well on their journey.

Because I have my own.


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