October 10, 2019

How Twin Flames bring us Home to Ourselves.

Everything in life is about relationships; to ourselves, to others, and to the planet.

Consciousness is always conspiring to create the conditions for us to be our greatest possible self but we cannot do this in isolation.

A sunflower seed has the potential to be a beautiful, radiant flower; it doesn’t need to try, it just has to be in a place where it can surrender to the cracking open of its shell. From here, it can allow the exploration of the darkness with its roots and allow the natural pull to extend toward the light. What determines the magnificence of the final flower is the external conditions of the soil quality, the water availability and purity, the wind, and other aspects of climate and weather.

Given the ideal conditions, its journey from seed to flower will be smooth but if external conditions are adverse, then the journey will be tougher and the final flower will perhaps not be so glorious. Nevertheless, the flower will be the best version of itself and perfect in its imperfection.

The same applies to human beings.

We are born into these human bodies as pure, healthy seeds ready to grow and reach our greatest possible potential but the external conditions—the weather of society—can make this challenging.

The result is that, often, we are not able to be as radiant, self-confident, and self-loving as we initially might have been had our external weather been more conducive to wholeness and self-love. But because our continuing growth is divinely orchestrated, life never gives up on us. Life is constantly trying to find ways to enable us to become our greatest possible self, to realise the truth of who we are, to self-actualise, or return home to love.

This is how we find peace within challenging situations that arise in our lives because we know that they arise for our highest good. Either to enable us to learn important lessons about our true nature, abilities, or potential, or to guide us away from activities, experiences, or relationships that are not conducive to our growth.

Relationships are often known as the highest form of yoga, which means that they are potentially a fast-track way to dissolve old timelines and transform everything within and about us that is not love.

All relationships have this potential; even brief encounters with the postman or checkout lady at the supermarket! If we move slowly and consciously through our days, we will see how everyone is a mirror of ourselves, albeit to varying degrees. But the more intimate the relationship becomes, the more potential there is to fast-track and catalyse the alchemy of transformation and coming home.

The word intimacy is actually “into-me-see.” The more we let down our guarded defences, which we must do to come close to another, the more clearly and more deeply we see into ourselves so that we can undo or change or surrender or let go of whatever is impeding our progress. We can’t embrace another while holding a sword and shield as it can be uncomfortable or potentially tremendously dangerous!

Just visualise two people trying to embrace each other while one or both of them are clinging to their sword and shield. We have to put our weapons and defences down in order to experience true intimacy, closeness, and connection. This is what we all seek in our hero’s journey through duality, back home to inner unity, union with others, and oneness with life itself.

If you commit to a conscious relationship with life, then every relationship is a vehicle to facilitate our spiritual journey, though a twin flame is perhaps akin to a jet aircraft! Everything will happen more quickly and more intensely than normal or unconscious romantic relationships. The attraction will be more powerful and the pain of purging that which is not love within you may cause you to run in order to take stock, find your centre, and gather yourself again.

But the force of attraction to your twin will likely result in you returning because something within knows that there is a deeper reason for you two being together than the false Hollywood myth of romantic relationships would have us believe.

Commitment is key because when we commit to a conscious, loving relationship we are in effect saying to life, “please create the optimum learning environment so that I can love myself” because we can only love another to the extent that we love ourselves.

Love is both the journey and the destination.

The twin flame jet plane of conscious relationships is the ultimate vehicle if you seek the truth of love—but be warned, because it is only for the committed spiritual seeker and is not for the faint of heart. However, if you are in search of intimacy, love, and spiritual growth, it’s an exhilarating and highly recommended ride!


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