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November 14, 2019

Follow these Four Fundamental Laws to Create the Life that You Want.

The best way to improve the quality of life is through positive intention, and understanding the energetic influence place upon us through our universal laws. Here I’ll explain the four fundamental laws that we have, and for you to utilize, to build upon new or existing foundations as we journey through the layers of time, what we perceive as time, and how these laws have shaped you into the person you are today.

  1. You are energy, you exist and you always will.

Energy cannot be destroyed. It’s eternal and unlimited. We’re living in a quantum field of energy. It’s the way energy imparts information and the frequency it vibrates at that dictates the substance and form. It’s ultimately what makes a table a table, and a book a book, presenting itself into a physical from where we can see and feel it as something solid.

To explain what energy is at a pretty basic level: we’re all made of cells, molecules, and atoms. And when you look deeper into what atoms are, you get subatomic particles which are made of electrons, protons, and neutrons. Within that you get empty space: 99.9999999% of your body is empty space, and only 1% of that is a physical substance. Even though what we experience seem so physically ‘real.’ Deep down it’s not, so why keep your attention on the 1% of what appears physical?

  1. You are an expression of the Creator Source, God.

You were created in Gods image. You are part of Source God the creater as much as it’s part of you. We are connected through the fabric of all life. Therefore, we are of one, and we can never be separated.

What do I mean by we are One?  To use some analogies: is an ocean part of a wave, or a wave part of an ocean? It can be seen as separate entities and both as one thing. When a child is conceived, it’s part of the mother, but what about when it’s born? Will it be separate then, or will the child still contain the essence of the mother and be seen as connected or part of the mother?

The illusion is that we are separate from everyone and everything.

When your consciousness extended into a physical form, it’s as if a veil of forgetfulness was placed upon you. You have a purpose and mission to learn from this human experience. If you were to remember what your mission is then there wouldn’t be much to learn, as you would be aware, and that is what makes this human experience so interesting and purposeful.

If we are all connected, how do we as souls incarnate and fragment?

We can use is the Sun to explain: each sun ray that streams from it can be seen as a soul. The soul – one stream of light will be an earthly incarnation and will only be aware of that life and its experience, but beyond the veil you and I are all from the same source just having a different experience. When you reconnect to Source God the creator, the sun, you will once again have the understanding and remember all that you are and the veil will be lifted. You cannot be separate. The illusion is of separation, and it’s the illusion of separation that makes life seem so difficult.

  1. Life is but a mirror. What you put out energetically, you will get back.

Our physical reality will reflect all thoughts and action as if it’s a mirror reflection back to us. The law of attraction is a universal law, along with working with intention to create the life experiences we desire.

  1. Nothing is constant.

Energy moves and changes and so do you. You will see this throughout your life, and through your  experiences. The purpose of life is to grow, learn and expand, so therefore life is constantly evolving. Your awareness is always expanding. When we restrict the energy flow, our energy becomes stagnant and we may become ill. Our health will decline due to no expansion taking place. Another reason may be, because we are not changing our habits or listening to what our body is telling us, including our feelings and emotions, which will also causes the energy to become stagnant within us.

Law one and two will always be truth and will remain the same, whereas the universal law three and four is all about moving forward and creating what you desire, but it’s a law non the less. So the importance is in the knowing how to apply the laws to create the ultimate experience.


Chrysilla Lewies

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