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November 9, 2019

When I am 40, I’ll Color my Hair Blue [Poem]

When I am 40, I’ll color my hair blue

not those of online banners, but those of sky hue

I’ll walk along the street,

wearing sando and shorts – together with my khaki shoe.


People’ll probably stare – make em worth their while.

They say adults should be an icon –

for kids to look and smile,

But I’m not such a parent – for children to look and idolize.

I’m at my 40’s, I could care less.


Right now I’m at my 20’s –

obliged to blend on norms, hush hush and uniform is my form.

They say ‘be a good lad’ –

just go with the glow, you’ll have your time.

Right now, such lad doesn’t have anything –

not even a cent or even a dime.


Should I start changing my hair color?

A few shades away from my target blue

or should I get a tattoo on sadness cue?

Mother would cry – claim I wasn’t raise like this.

Probably she’s right – for all I am is blue.


Right now, I should grind,

butt on-the-move and body knackered,

cent counting and my mind lacquered.

Body charge slowly draining out- too young for energy to die out.


So I’ll just count the days

till I’m on my 40’s,

till I am finally blue

till I can get my tattoos of clues.

Right now, I’m on my 20’s

A nobody but paying its due.

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