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December 24, 2019

Holiday Wish

My wish for you this holiday.

To know heartbeats and breath are what matter.

That we take care of ourselves well enough to

feel our breath and heartbeat steady – not frantic.

For it is our honor to help others when they

cannot find center.  It is up to us to look up

from our screens and into the eyes of those we love,

those we could love and those who have been looked over

in love for moments or longer.

We are on this earth to help others.  Not merely survival but thrival.

May we offer what is needed.  For we are them and they are us.

A hand to hold, an ear to listen, a meal to feed.

We find grace for those propelling our learning with hard lessons.

We find softness for those who cannot meet us where we are.

For others, behavior is rarely about us.

We will rise in grace and we will move from love.  Self-love, family love,

love of all beings on mother earth.  For without love, why?

Let our love be easy, rich and full of depth without parameters.  For

when we love we heal ourselves, we heal others and we bring hope.

Hope and love – my wish for you this season and all seasons.

Photo:  Amber Shoops Felts



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Read 3 comments and reply

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