December 22, 2019

New Moon in Capricorn: the Final Ah-ha Moment of 2019. (December 26th)

Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed

Nature teaches us valuable wisdom and can help us restore our own health and well-being by following the cycles, surrendering, and allowing things to change by releasing our human grip on how it needs to be and trusting the innate flow and synchronicity that life brings us.

The most beautiful gift of nature is that it gives one pleasure to look around and try to comprehend what we see. ~ Albert Einstein

Like nature, we too are destructive, wild, unpredictable, and sometimes can’t be tamed. Yet, even knowing that change is the only thing that is constant can keep us from aligning with the core of who we are, keeping us in self-destructive and toxic patterns and relationships.

It’s true that the only way to create harmony is within us. As we are able to ride the highs and lows that life brings, and accept that suffering is inevitably part of the process, we can learn to tame our emotional sensitivities and shift mental blocks in order to live in more peaceful, loving, and kind ways.

Yet everything begins by knowing yourself, valuing yourself, and believing in your own ability to create a good life and foster positive people and relationships that bring out the best in you.

As we end a decade and move deeper into the winter season, and into 2020, every human on Earth is being faced with great change and challenge. For some it may look bigger, for others it may be more internal, and for many, it’s probably unconscious.

Yet, what we are choosing this December 2019, and into 2020, will impact our future and the destiny we are capable of achieving.

The December 26 Capricorn new moon is birthing a new beginning. It may feel like a resurrection of the soul, a final ah-ha realization, and a big urge to end the ways of the old so that we can move into the future with a clean slate, without karmic baggage, and with the ability to love deeper and better than ever before.

It’s time to no longer deny the interconnectedness of all of us, and how we too follow a mysterious order and are connected to nature, the moon, and the stars, as well.

2019 has forced everyone to look at their own beliefs, where they get themselves stuck, insecurities, and how easy it is to attach and think you’re in control. We are all becoming more sensitive, and learning how to cope better emotionally and be less reactive. When those triggers come up, we need to let them flow and move through us so that our past will no longer affect us and the future.

Yet, the stubborn mind can hold us hostage and keep us from everything we want when we refuse to feel the body, change the mind, and live from our true heart.

We are moving into a new 2020 paradigm and radical shifts are required to help us all live better, be more connected, and live in more peaceful ways compared to the past.

The archetype of Capricorn is the grand teacher. They know that slow and steady wins the race and they are willing to work hard to achieve that goal. They are often brilliant, yet may fail to soften into the depth of their core because the mind is easier to analyze. Working can be easier than developing real relationships, connections, and taking the time for self-love, emotional depth, and enjoyment.

Capricorn teaches us that that goals and visions are possible, yet it requires our work, discipline, and dedication in order to achieve it. Slow and steady, day by day, we are able to grow out of the rigid control systems we learned to develop more inner security—not only to have enough money and live well, but also to relate and connect well with others.

As we move into 2020, the secret sauce that forces us to change is our own raw passion, our own fierce heart and our own ability to really tap into who we are, what we want, and why we incarnated on Earth. That requires connection, perspective, and self-awareness to define not only who you are, but what works, and who and what can’t work any longer.

We don’t own anything in life. In fact, the more we try to get our way and think we know best, we often run into chaos, ruin relationships, and build walls instead of learning lessons, moving on, and choosing better.

Like nature teaches us in the winter, it’s time for us all to retreat and dwell more within our hearts to courageously empower ourselves to move into 2020 without the same mistakes and patterns of the past.

Unity is the ability to have peace within, realize other people are reflections of their own issues. Yet we can change, and mentally and emotionally mature so that we can get along with others, and even be vulnerable in appreciating people and the life we have—while acknowledging our actions, words, behaviors, and attitudes.

What did 2019 teach you? Most of the year was spent reevaluating the past, having the same issues come up, perhaps relationships fluctuated, and old childhood issues came forth. Our wounds and emotional nature and mental constructs all have a cause and effect. Too often, the fear of losing something or someone keeps us in loveless patterns and we attach. Yet, when we let go, we learn to receive, and also learn to value our own sense of self.

This new moon can be a new chapter and a new unfolding toward a better life. Yet, we must be the one who opens the door and be willing to close the doors of the past. If anything is still haunting us or has failed to work, it may come up one more time for evaluation. Family dynamics are hot triggers and everyone must learn to maintain boundaries and to no longer rely on others to create contentment. Our survival tactics shift as we adopt more mindfulness and security within.

Often it is with being alone we find ourselves and examine what really aligns with who we have become.

Remember, we have free will in life. We choose who we entangle our energy with, and what we believe. In a year that’s been testing us all and forcing change and surprises, the time is up to decide for yourself what will truly nurture you and help you live happily, fulfilled, and with a sense of self-value.

Have you uncovered your wounds and realized any old conditioning that may still be affecting you? Where internally are you still holding resentment, guilt, anger, and replaying old stories that don’t serve you? We can suppress, hide, run, and fall into bad relationships easily, yet the inner demons and shadows continue to challenge us until we confront them.

This new moon can be a healing opportunity if we are able to live more present, become more loving, and wake up and begin to take the reins of our own life to create the happiness and destiny we truly desire. It is an emotional connection and congruence that shows us how to connect to the heart and follow the inner guidance of our soul.

We can end this decade by looking back and appreciating what we had to learn, all we had to go through, the positives, the negatives, and the great ride that shaped us and shifted us and got us to who we are now. Forgiving ourselves for mistakes, and loving ourselves for trying, always helps maintain a grateful heart, an open mind, and the ability to live better by feeling good within ourselves and loving every moment.

New surprises, changes, and upgrades happen as we all move into the new decade, hopefully, feeling more empowered, worthy, loved, and capable of living in a good world where people can be kind, love one another, and even get along.

The choice is yours of what goals you will go after, what dreams you want to dream, and how willing and able you can believe in your own self to create a beautiful life, with wonderful people, and fully accept all aspects of your past, present, and future.

To love yourself, is to recognize your true nature, and tap into that peaceful state that doesn’t need anything for satisfaction or gain, but already contains it internally and believes in nature’s ability to help us live more connected within and without. From that state, we love and let life flow…and we trust the magic and timing of new beginnings.

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