January 8, 2017

How to Successfully Court a Capricorn.

Whether Astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

If you have or are currently attempting to date a Capricorn, I offer you a deep bow of consolation.

They are one of the most challenging signs in the zodiac to court. However, if you can keep them, you will certainly receive some juicy rewards.

Capricorn is symbolized by the goat.

This goat has a determined disposition.

Being a Capricorn myself, I have some experience with the quirky attributes of this sign. I have been successfully courted too so I will share a bit on the subtle art of cutting the correct key to our sometimes-thickly-gated hearts.

This sign may confuse their potential suitors, which is an intentional move on the goat’s part. At first, Capricorns will come across slightly aloof.

Here’s a secret though: the cool veneer that we exude is a veil for the busy world that is going on inside us. For every silent stare we give, there is immense emotion happening that we are stoically attempting to hide.

Don’t be scared off by our initial unemotional impression, we are just waiting for you to make the first move.

Capricorns are incredibly stubborn, so if you think we will be the first to show interest, think again. We can hold out longer than you, and we even pride ourselves on doing so.

So do yourself a favour, do not sit back and wait for us to pounce (for you will be waiting forever).

Capricorns require someone to seriously court them; so show up firmly and make regular statements assuring us of your desires.

If we respond cautiously at first, just give us some time and show us that you are willing to wait and pursue.

We value bravery and consistency.

If you feel like you are being tested to show up and reveal your courage—not just once but many times—you are.

Cautiousness is one of the characteristics of our nature. The goat steps lightly until it is certain its footing is solid.

Before plunging in, we must make sure you will be a partner who we can firmly depend upon.

As Capricorns, we do not do this because we are trying to be challenging; we do this because we are so fiercely independent that our spirit would rather walk this path alone than beside a partner who doesn’t match our own determination.

If you waffle in your affection or certainty to us, we will quickly clamber up the nearest path in the opposite direction.

Goats are experts at the silent escape and we will disappear before you even realize something went wrong.

In fact, the best way to keep us is to show steady and measured persistence.

This may sound intimidating and precarious, but dating a Capricorn is rocky because of the unstable ground they stand on. We often rest at the edge of the cliff of life, but we stand there with certainty.

Try to remember that if we are still here, it’s because we’ve decided to be.

One of the juiciest gifts from the goat is that once we are in, we are unfailingly loyal.

It may appear that we aren’t developing feelings for you. We may even seem slightly cold, but be patient, because when our hearts do open, you will be in for a most beautiful surprise.

If you’re looking for a life companion or just an extremely dedicated lover, Capricorns are it.

Once we decide you are worthy, our adoration becomes unshakeable. We are the partner who will offer you all of us.

Serious things are something we never turn away from, so give us a chunk of your truth to chew on and we will stay passionately engaged.

Just as the goat becomes more sure footed with age, Capricorns are the same in relationships. These partnerships improve with time and the overcoming of obstacles.

If you still feel you haven’t been able to chisel that key quite correctly for our hearts, recall that responsibility is something that causes our temperature to rise.

If you can show us you can balance your chequebook, keep a tidy home and attend to your aging grandmother, we will almost certainly be yours. Add a list of your life intentions to that and we are sold.

We want to be courted by someone with a plan. Although we may appear unromantic, we actually adore the traditional swoonworthy love story.

Our spirit craves to be swept off our hooves by someone who has already envisioned (perhaps even created blueprints) for the house where we could live together with our children, if we decide to have them.

Capricorns are about building one experience on top of the next, so that everything we do creates the future we know we want.

If you notice we have begun to write you into our life story, you have succeeded in courting a Capricorn, and our heart is already yours.





Author: Sarah Norrad

Image: flickr/Valerie Everet

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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