December 11, 2019

The Last Full Moon of the Decade: Gemini & the 12/12 Portal. ~ Monika Carless


*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


“Astrology is not a parlor game, for predicting mechanics and events. Astrology is a complex and synchronistic science, a science of coalescing energetic fields.” ~ Barbra Hand Clow


Astronomer Dr. Percy Seymour puts forth that astrology is a science of magnetism, a universal force as significant as gravity.

It is an ancient language spoken by the cosmos, and interpreted by man through sacred symbolism.

Science is slowly beginning to understand the significant relationship between the sun, the planets, and the subsequent geomagnetic coding of human life happening as early as our time in the womb.

Why do I write about the moon each month, I am asked, and how can each moon have such significance? I write it because the moon and I are in a poetic, philosophical relationship. My birth chart is ruled by the moon and Lilith—powerful, feminine forces. Every moon is influenced by its cosmic brothers and sisters, and as such, it brings to us relevant and fresh wisdom in each of its phases.

Let’s dive in!

December 12th sees the rise of the full moon in Gemini, passing through the 12/12 portal.

Just as this decade comes to an end, this full moon signals a completion. The number 12 symbolizes wholeness, a return to an imminent new beginning. We can expect 2020 to release a new cycle of growth for humanity.

Twelve is a solar number—12 months, 12 hours of night and day, 12 houses in an astrological year, and 12 signs in the zodiac. There is a nod toward fulfillment within the essence of 12. Every year, at 12/12, we find ourselves at the end of another turn around the sun, another opportunity to reflect and access a wider state of awareness.

As uncomfortable as 2010 to 2020 has seemed for this planet, we are, I believe, on the cusp of extraordinary change. More and more of us yearn for integrity in politics and humane treatment of the planet and its occupants. We are more vigilant, we have more will toward the fair and good. The moon in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, creates flow, communication, versatility, and adaptation—attributes we shall need to open the next decade. They will influence our relationships, our choices, and our ability to create a more sustainable world.

Gemini, in the element of air, will activate ideas and visions. Pay attention to all dreams, which in essence are soul-speak. Now is the time for attaining those states of consciousness which birth more love, more compassion, more surrender to this thing we call life.

Between now and December 31st, spend as much time as you can in the natural world, be it the wilderness or your city park. Remember your roots and what is real. We have been overwhelmed by much, but there is a direct source you can tap into: Mother Earth. She is the ground we stand on, the source of our sustenance. Nothing brings us back home like our Mother’s call. She needs us more than ever, and Luna represents the mother.

This is a healing moon, as Chiron, an asteroid regarded as “the wounded healer” stations direct, after a lengthy retrograde since July 8th, 2019. If you have your birth chart drawn, check to see which house Chiron resides for you—that will be the area of challenge and evolution for you. But don’t rely on Chiron to do all the work; it is imperative that this illuminated time be used to peer directly at what is no longer sustainable in finances, career, and love. In fact, this work is essential, before Winter Solstice, the opening of eclipse season and the coming Saturn/Pluto conjunction on January 12th, 2020.

Whatever is not shed by then will serve as an intense transit during 2020.

The planet Venus will also trigger action/reaction at this time—in a triple conjunction between Saturn and Pluto. As you can see, if we want to progress to this new decade surefooted, grounded, clear, and in our integrity, now is the time to tie up loose ends.

I’ve been rummaging through closets, digging up old wounds, searching dusty corners of my heart, and clearing. The thing is, we do know exactly what we need to address. Set aside the last weeks of this decade to have an honest discussion with Self. December’s moon offers perfect conditions for such ruminations.

A few things you may be noticing coming up to the full moon:

Although Luna, the moon goddess, is at her ripest and her energy is high, you may be feeling extremely tired. Despite the moon’s position, this is a somewhat chaotic time—many energies are colliding, portals opening, transits aligning. We are being pulled in many directions psychically. We are emotionally vulnerable.

The full moon represents the time of ovulation, which is when we release into creativity. Many women feel a “draining” aspect to the full moon, while men may be experiencing a burst of action.

However you identify, honor what you are feeling. Rest if you’re tired; dance if you’re on fire.

Sometimes, the best practice during a full moon is to lie on the floor, sink hard into the proverbial earth beneath you, let every muscle relax, let your breath slow, and just be. Maybe for hours.

You may also be feeling a bit of confusion. The energy of this moon and its surrounding events pull us in new directions, but these directions don’t seem to follow a straight path.

Sudden changes are occurring, in every cell of your body, as they are in the world at large. As without, so within. As above, so below. The whole of consciousness is evolving. These are uncomfortable yet exhilarating times. All change comes with some disorientation, a falling apart and a coming together.

As we draw closer to the Christian holiday of Christmas, especially if you live in the northern hemisphere, there is a disconnect between the natural pull toward darkness and restoration, while preparations whip us into a hurried frenzy. One event requires solitude, the other fortitude. Square away as many moments as possible for reuniting with your urge toward hibernation. If below the equator, approaching Summer Solstice, this moon will call you forward.

We all must interpret the energy as it pertains to us, no matter what astrologers say.

To recap, this final full moon of 2019 and the 12/12 portal remind us that every ending signals a new beginning, that life seeks transformation, and that we are always responsible for our own journey.

Blessed be, Wild Ones.

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