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January 24, 2020

7 Signs Your Psychic is really a Psycho

Everybody has challenges and obstacles throughout life. These challenges vary in degrees of intensity and manageability that can eventually cause us to seek assistance from others. Being in the business of helping, advising or treating others emotionally, spiritually or physically has its bright side and unfortunately… there is a shady side.

I’ve had intuitive abilities since I was young. For twenty years I’ve combined my innate gift with years of education and practice in Yoga Therapy, meditation and energy work.  I help others to become empowered, find balance and to move through obstacles so they can ultimately learn to help themselves in a sustainable way.

As someone who works closely with those in need it’s important to have a strong code of ethics and morals. We are all interdependent and it’s important  to make those we guide and help not to become dependent us.

The other day I read an article of a woman who spent $740,000 on a scam artist who shamelessly labeled herself as a psychic.

Over the years I can personally recall similar stories that were shared with me by clients. While in a state of emotional turmoil they were looking for guidance only to find themselves in the claws of a scammer who called herself (or himself) a psychic/guru/healer.  Conveniently, this conniving individual was the only person (eye roll) who could help them…at a great financial cost.

I am glad to see these psychic scammers, who prey on their client’s desperation, hopelessness, fear, grief are being called out in larger media platforms and justice is being served.  And it’s important to remember few rotten apples doesn’t mean the entire tree is bad.  I have three decades of experience as  a practitioner, client and student that have lead me to experience the growth, guidance and relief an amazing psychic can give.

There will always be people who have abandoned all sense of morality to prey on the weak. We’ve all read the shocking headlines that involved people from all walks of life. Doctors, therapists, teachers, coaches, health care providers…the list goes on and on. Education and awareness is key to prevention.

Here are a 7 warning signs your psychic is probably a psycho and what you can do about it.

  1. No references: Your psychic should always be referred by someone you know, trust and respect. Repeat that like a mantra, “Someone you know, trust and respect”.
  2. The Upsell: Many times a psychic scammer will offer a hard to believe low price for an initial reading. They will say a few general things or get you to reveal to them what you are distressed about. Once you are emotionally hooked, the stakes and cost of services begin to sky rocket at alarming rate.
  3. Show me the money: If your psychics costs seem outrageous it’s because they are. If they start to ask for your personal financial information like banking accounts or personal contact information it’s time to leave this session and never look back. If it seems suspicious it’s because it is!
  4. The Messiah complex: If your psychic says that you have all these things wrong with you and they are the only one who can help you, run. Don’t walk. Run from that session and report them to the BBB or the authorities if need be.
  5. Fuel the fire: If your psychic enhances the dire nature of your troubles, take a pause. If they add a sense of urgency that feels like an ultimatum where the only scenario to your relief is paying them now to fix it or suffer the consequences, hard pause. Remember this, no one, and I mean no one, gets a free pass from struggles and obstacles in life. Many times a psychic scammer will add to your emotional fire and tell you that you are cursed, have entities, ghosts or other-worldly issues that are the root cause of all your problems. In reality, you’re going through a ruff patch. Maybe that ruff patch is longer than you expected or too intense for you to handle alone. Either way you don’t need to be scammed too. The only way out is through.
  6. Guessing games: Your reading should have many specifics. The more specifics the better and you shouldn’t have to spoon feed it to your reader. If you feel they are fishing for information it’s because they are and it’s time to leave the session.
  7. The cliché: Just avoid the cliché sidewalk psychic with the neon lights outside their home that are on 24hrs a day. They usually have the classic amethyst or citrine geodes in the window and a hanging image of an evil eye. These places are always oddly empty with no clients coming or going. Trust that there is a reason for this. No matter how much you are suffering (or how many drinks you’ve had) just pass on this one.

There are so many amazing psychics, mediums, energy workers, shamans, astrologers and channelers to choose from. They have been key to my own healing and personal growth. A great practitioner can be complementary to the other parts of your health care team.

A good psychic will help you learn and grow. Developing a better relationship with yourself is key to avoiding a scam artist in any profession. Take time when you are in a heightened emotional state, stressed or overwhelmed before you  seek the help and guidance of others.

Breathe a little slower and fuller so you can get yourself off of fight or flight mode. Find a moment to write down the feelings and situations that are causing you distress. This will help you gain some clarity and control before you seek help or guidance from an intuitive.

Life ebbs and flows for everyone. The people you choose to partner and journey with to guide you should always be there to empower you too. We don’t need to find ourselves looking back at our choices (and our bank accounts) with 20-20 hindsight if we can follow a few empowering guidlines.

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