January 10, 2020

To Be Present with a Woman’s Body.

To be present with a woman’s body means silencing your ego’s inner dialogue and listening to what’s unspoken in order to hear the symphony of her desires.

To be present with a woman’s body means taming anything that’s only self-serving, and to instead realize that serving her can offer you the deepest gift of self.

To be present with a woman’s body means finding the balance of stillness and motion. To let go of it needing to look a certain way. To not being attached to you doing all the right things in perfect sequence in order to reach a specific conclusion, but rather to notice the moments of disconnect, and to find your way back into harmony without projected shame.

It is to be in a dance of the lost-and-found connection, moment by moment, with no agenda, expectation, or attachment. It is to stay there when you get there and to find it again when you lose it, while keeping the ego at bay. It is to lean in with curiosity. It is to trust that even when there are rocks in a river, water finds a way to flow.

It is to stop and to check in, remembering that she grew up in a world that taught her to silence her own voice and not speak her own truth. A world where she was conditioned to be subservient to a man’s desires at the cost of her own.

To be present with a woman’s body is to remind her that between the contradictory messages of being “too much” or “not enough” is the perfection of her essence. She is perfect as-is, with nothing more needed.

To be present with a woman is to create a container where it is safe for her body to express everything that it is holding inside.

If it’s fire, it is to honor her radical expression. If it is wind, it’s to stand grounded as she blows. If it is air, it’s to share sacred breath. If it is water, it’s to flow with the change of her ocean’s tides and to gently kiss her tears. It is to realize that the physical is just a communicator of her emotional and spiritual wisdom.

It’s to put your hand on her heart as if to hold the hand of the inner child that resides there, and to tell that little girl that she is safe. That this journey has no destination. That nothing is expected from her. That her Yes and No will be honored in each moment. And that her emotional safety is a priority.

It is to synchronize your breath to let your bodies know that you are in this experience together. It is to make eye contact and see each other’s souls reflected back as mirrors of vulnerability. It is to see her through the eyes of reverence, for if the body is a temple, then this moment is holy and she is worthy of being worshipped.

To be present with a woman’s body is to make love to her darkness and all the wounds that it carries. It is to bathe in her light and all the lessons that it holds.

It is to transmit deep appreciation to her ancestors for the journey they all took in order for this present moment to even be possible. It is to lay your head on her womb with an appreciation of it being humanity’s first home. It is to have the awareness that this experience is the byproduct of millions of years of stars colliding, and to feel all of life and death contained within each second you spend with her. It is to see her body as the present container for all the lifetimes that her soul has gone through.

It is a transcendent state with no past and no future, where the entire Universe and all of its stars, moons, suns, and galaxies exist right there in front of you. And in that moment, when you truly see the beauty in the gifts that she holds, you will bow at her feet in complete awe, overwhelmed with deep gratitude for having the honor to witness her in all of her glory. You will lose yourself and find yourself over and over again.

To be present with a woman’s body is a meditation with God.

It is to be present with yourself. And all of existence.

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