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February 12, 2020

5 Biggest Misconceptions in Manifestation That is Stalling Your Success

Manifestation isn’t just a feel good trick, it’s actually an essential part of success. Practicing manifestation has the power to completely change your life, both personal and business.

To truly embrace the power of manifestation, you need to understand what it is as well as what its’ not. Hear about the 5 of the biggest misconceptions in manifestation from top experts, so that you can learn to step forward with the power of manifestation.


Be as specific as possible on the outcome you want.

Maru Iabichela, founder of Infinite Receiving, believes that there is a huge misconception regarding the law of attraction. Focusing on something very specific is like the brain and ego trying to play GPS, and it actually ends up setting people up for failure and disappointment from the universe.

Specifying something that you want actually limits you because it gives you a preconceived notion of what’s possible. This causes you to not leave space for other ways of achieving your goals and dreams.

Iabichela teaches, “My personal approach is to have a more open ‘ask,’ that is the essence of what you are looking for. So, for example, ‘Please take me to a place where I no longer need clients, where everything is exponentially simplified and where things just happen faster and easier, and take me out of the struggle.’ My approach to asking is one that goes beyond the ego and beyond the brain’s preconceived notions. I call this ‘green pastures’.”


Everyone manifests the exact same way.

Mindset and Manifestation Expert, Christine Hayes, believes that this idea isn’t 100% true. Thinking that everyone manifests the same way causes frustration in people and makes them think that manifestation doesn’t work. Traditional tools such as vision boards, writing lists with details, and picking a specific amount of money, work for some people, but may not for many others.

While at a quantum level, manifestation is about locking in the vibrational frequency of what you desire in the current moment and allowing it to become your default frequency, we need to understand that each person taps into the vibration frequency differently.

“This is due to your personal energetic blueprint— human design,” Hayes says. “In human design, we learn that there are Specific Manifestors and Non-Specific Manfiestors . While vision boards, lists with details, etc. may work for Specific Manifestors, getting into details and specifics doesn’t work for a growing crop of Non-Specific Manifestors.”

Hayes goes on to explain that Non-Specific Manifestors experience resistance when they get into the details, and that moves them farther away from their desired vibration, slowing down the manifestation or stopping it altogether.

Hayes recommends getting a Human Design Reading in order to understand your personal soul’s energetic blueprint. This will help you discover if you are a Specific or Non-Specific Manifestor. If you learn that you are a Non-Specific Manifestor, you will want to use a theme, vibe, or feeling-based approach when you manifest, in order to align with the frequency of what you desire.


Manifestation has to be planned.

Jessica Caver Lindholm, the Founder of To Living Free, believes that the biggest misconception surrounding manifestation is that you have to plan it, yet in actuality people are doing it all the time and they don’t even realize it.

People often see manifesting as some woo-woo thing that new agers do to try and get themselves mansions and cars, but every human is actually manifesting all the time, such as when someone wakes up on the “wrong side of the bed,” burns their breakfast, gets in an argument with their spouse, and then gets stuck in traffic on the way to work. They have put themselves in a “bad day” frequency without even being aware of it, so they keep attracting more “bad day” experiences.

To get out of this cycle, Lindholm says you must, “change your frequency, which is really just changing your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to match what you actually desire. Once you realize you’re manifesting all the time, you can be intentional with it, you can choose your energy, emotions, and feelings to match what you want to manifest, and attract your desires instead of more of what you don’t want.”


Constantly check in on your intentions.

Thinking that you need to check on your intentions when you are manifesting is really just a bad habit. Brooke Kalan, Transformational Coach and Consultant, has people consider how many times they have set their intentions and then gone straight to email, texts, Facebook, or PayPal to see if it showed up.

Kalan believes that the part people have the most trouble with, is letting go. While you can be great at moving through the steps of manifesting such as clarity about your desires, feeling the desire, setting your intentions from the point of desire, and celebrating, the last step of letting go is hard.

“It’s in that moment where we have to let go that a common misconception lives- that we can’t really trust the process and have to sneak in by checking on, controlling, or directing the outcome somehow,” Kalan says. “And I get it. My default is to set an intention and hold onto it, and then get frustrated if it hasn’t shown up within 24 hours. Gripping, though, is what keeps your intention from being able to come to fruition.”

Kalan teaches that the best way around it is to “set it and forget it.” Follow the steps, then let go and forget about it.


Manifestation happens immediately.

Executive Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapist, Julia Cha, observes that during the process of taking action, people that are new to manifestation expect the outcome to appear immediately before their eyes. While sometimes manifestation results come quickly, most of the time there is a delay which can be months or even a few years.

Cha reminds people about the tortoise in the Tortoise and the Hare, and how his consistency without the attachment to winning is what ultimately wins a seemingly impossible race. Instant gratification and shiny object syndromes are the mindset that work against manifestation.

Cha encourages, “Become the person who deserves the outcome, and one who has already accomplished what is desired. From that place, thinking, feeling, and being the experience of the person with such success. When you do, the appropriate healthy standards, boundaries, and personal expectations arise, and become who you are.”

“Leverage this future-self to make wise decisions in difficult situations,” Cha continues. “You determine the actions required, and consistently take action towards what you want, being in the moment, living your life from being in the energy of that future-self. In everything you think and do, you stay aligned to your intention.”

Cha believes that if you do this, then at the most unexpected moment, you will see results. Use the results, no matter how small, as confirmation, and continue to amplify this way of being.

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