February 21, 2020

Inside of Her. {Adult}

The way he pulls her belly
with his arms
as her curves
lay passionately on his lap…

The way he dives deeply into her eyes,
as his skin presses against hers…

Calling in the ocean of soft,
bite-like touches
that activate her cellular core.

The way his breath searches for hers,
while lips intertwined
get lost in foreigner galaxies.

The way his strong thighs hold
her soft passion between them…

The way he slides inside of her
gently pulling the air from her lungs
leaving her breathless for a while.

The way his waves pull her tides
as they dissolve into empty sheets
and missing pillows
floating in the ether…


holding her up high on his shoulders
so she can reach and touch the stars
as if they were delicious fruits
coming from his spirit—the dark sky.

A cocktail of creamy lips
sealing the death of her
and her rebirth
as the woman that She was always meant to be.

The way he smells her.

become the wind
that caresses her silk skin in the open air,
of breathless breaths.

The way he sniffs her,
senses activated,
rising and falling
as electrons
spread in the space.

You don’t know
what love can do to you,
until you let it in.

And she decided
to ask for the kind of love
that makes sex divine
as it really is…
a long foreplay of steps
dancing inside each other’s space.


He burned her alive.


She transformed his fingertips
into a huge ocean
of aware presence.

He was never the same.

They died.


So love could thrive.

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Read 8 comments and reply

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