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March 13, 2020

3 Secrets to Truly Harness Our Manifesting Power

We are all manifesting, every minute of every day. We always have and always will be. Manifesting is simply a byproduct of being alive. It’s not something that we turn on or off and it’s not something that we “start doing.”

The key is to understand that you are either manifesting consciously or unconsciously. You are either creating your life deliberately or accidentally. The majority of people on this planet are creating aimlessly, with a few instances of decisive action.

So how do we make sure we are truly harnessing our manifesting power and manifest consistently? Brooke Kalan, transformational life coach and speaker for purpose driven executives and influencers, has over a decade of training and experience in neuroscience, metaphysics and psychology.

When I sat down with her to gain her insights about this topic, the first thing she says is a very simple concept that many neglect, “the most successful manifester has already been designed- and it’s you. That’s where it all starts”.

Kalan shares 3 secrets to help you truly harness your manifesting power while leveraging what you already have.

Be a Human

Kalan notes that manifestation is not a coincidence. It is a spiritual science. But at the same time, many manifesters forget that they are human beings.

Successful manifesters all honor that they are human beings. They honored the emotions. They honored the mistakes. They honored their thoughts. Then they integrated them altogether in creating results that they desire.

“I observed that there were certain things in place every time a client or I created something almost immediately, or when they or I watched something show up in physical reality (dream jobs, money, incredible opportunities, press) within hours of asking for it,” Kalan says, “they were able to replicate the results too. And that all came from just acknowledging their emotions and their thoughts that they have as human beings”.

We are programmed to focus on our desires and find solutions when we are in tough spots. So use that to your advantage.

Prioritize Your Integrity

Prioritization is something we hear about often in our daily lives, though it is not something we hear very commonly in manifestation. Kalan stresses the importance of prioritization from the perspective of integrity.

Kalan elaborates, “when I say “Integrity” I am not referring just to morals or ethics or honesty. That’s an outdated version of the word. I’m referring to the part of you that is upheld by your soul’s highest standards, the truth, self awareness and alignment”.

By making decisions from your integrity, also known as your soul’s highest standards, you are setting correct boundaries, listening to your Human Design authority, being informed by your internal GPS, living in the correct location, among the correct friends, obeying your callings and in the right relationships.

This is important for manifesting because when you have done the work to get clear on all of these things, you have essentially done the work to clear out bullshit from your life.

You cannot be a magnet for what you want if you are not being who you really are. Stay true to all that you are, and own it.

Watch the Feedback the Universe Gives You

Everyone has heard of biofeedback. For example, if you’re doing something you hate or in an environment or relationship that isn’t good for you, you experience things like depression, fatigue and stagnation. That’s you experiencing internal feedback in regards to your life and choices.

But Kalan urges us to reflect on this on a grander scale; synchronicity. She explains “synchronicity is feedback from the Universe- a kind of “yes this is for you!” confirmation. Stagnation is also feedback from the Universe- a kind of “nah this aint it kid.” It’s your cue”.

As you move along, you will notice any conditioning, programming or patterns that keep coming up. When it does, clear them out. Keep paying attention to synchronicity and remember that you are always manifesting.

There are cues everywhere. Whether biofeedback, synchronicity or just a simple intuitive feeling, pay attention.

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