March 14, 2020

Coronavirus: We must Be the Change, Create the Change & Live the Change.


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Relephant read: The Coronavirus is already feeding these Bad Things. Let’s use it for Good. ~ Waylon

Depending on your filter and lens of reality, the world can look quite weird at the moment.

It’s easy to get pulled into the fear and old survival mechanisms that too many know. In fact, our survival needs and unconscious patterns and beliefs are what are contributing to the external problems of the world.

It’s 2020 and the paradigm shift is real, and we are all now being called and challenged to rise out of the limited mindsets of the past, and choose to live in a new way.

We won’t survive, unless we learn to thrive with one another.

This virus pandemic is reflecting our internal fears, unconscious emotional patterns, and all the things we’ve surpassed and denied as a collective. Meaning, that if we continue to chase money, think our jobs are more important than our well-being and family, and continue in our animalistic ways, we will not be able to evolve or change the future.

It’s easy to blame those in power and accuse them for our worldly situation. The truth is, things won’t and cannot change, until we all change our beliefs, and begin to value new things and act in new ways.

It’s human nature to be greedy, chase money, and think that you’re in control and right about everything. In fact, we are all so conditioned to believe in scarcity that being a victim is the normal state most of us live in. We fear, because we don’t want to be judged, alone, or reprimanded for actually expressing what we feel and think. The fear of what may happen if we don’t play by the game society has created, holds us back more than anyone or anything will.

The coronavirus is also a fear tactic. It’s scaring and chasing us all on some level. However, in the chaos and with the destruction, we all will learn valuable and meaningful lessons. We cannot rise together without a fall. It is sudden surprises, shocks, and extremes, that always force us to wake up, shift our perception, and realize what’s meaningful in life.

Whether it’s fear that causes us to go back to loved ones we thought we separated from, or fear of being alone, we can all acknowledge the terrible fear of loneliness and death itself. 

This virus is more than a plague, it’s a force that will teach us all how to live less insecure, more loving, and more congruent with one another. Perhaps it is isolation that we all need—a reality check to tune out, and tune in to ourselves, one another, and our real purpose in living.

Because we all will continue to feel and be enslaved unless we change our ways. Until we get real with ourselves, and chase a life that we don’t have to escape from, we may never be satisfied. We will continue to buy, save, be frugal, and feel internally unhappy—unless we deal with the issues in our mind, bodies, and hearts. 

The Coronavirus, for whatever it may be, is symbolic in that it’s actually making humanity move slower, stay home, be inside with family, and provide space to be alone, and be okay with that. We can all learn balance, feel into our fears, realize that work, money, and life, can go on, and we can do acts of self-care and still have an enjoyable life.

Though many are in fear, hoarding, buying, stocking up, and preparing for the worst, what we all need to know is that the world is changing. Unless we adapt, we will stay in resistance.

The time is now to open our minds to new possibilities and believe that a better way of life is possible. We must be the change, create the change, and live the change.

The systems of the past—greed, and how business used to be—are changing. In fact, we will learn through this state of emergency that we actually need each other to survive. Without human connection, we are lost. Chasing money and all those things that don’t really fulfill us long-term will only continue to work against us.

We can’t fight anymore or point the finger of who is to blame for the problem. We are all guilty in some ways. We all have acted out, reacted neurotically, let our mental and emotional states define us, and consciously or unconsciously caused separation in our lives—with the biggest block remaining in our heart. 

Until we start to live more through the heart, with kindness, love, integrity, honesty, and feminine virtues that most are too fearful of or have forgotten to embody, we as a species won’t survive or thrive. 

So let us enjoy this moment in history when we can begin to have more faith in the human race and be willing to feel supported by one another. Let us stop seeking external pleasure and validation to be a good human. May we all learn to receive, be grateful, and appreciate what we do have. 

Let us believe and know that by giving we do receive, and that by sharing we support and teach others. It is love that makes the world go round, yet before we can connect to that, we must confront our fears.

We don’t have to be isolated and divided; we can become united. Yet the world right now is forcing and asking us all to change. The only way to stand together is to know we can’t stand apart. It is unity that can bridge the gap, help, and teach us that the past ways won’t work anymore. And to know the future can be bright for those who believe we can all live happily together with enough resources and love—to circulate, share, and get along.

May we stay sane, at peace, and trust the bigger picture of what is playing out on the macro and micro levels. May we learn to love, give, share, and connect more with one another during this time of change.




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