March 31, 2020

“It’s Just Like the Flu:” An Open Letter to the People who think we’re taking the Coronavirus Too Seriously.

I would like to speak to those who theorize that the COVID pandemic is an illusion and nothing more than the flu, or that the virus was created in a lab to intentionally depopulate and control the world, or that the media is creating fake videos and that the numbers are all wrong, or that only a few old people are dying, or that the more important story is that Madonna, Oprah, Tom Hanks, and Obama are all part of a giant pedophile ring and that hundreds of arrests are taking place under the cover of a fake pandemic, or that Trudeau has already been arrested and a body double is taking his place at news conferences every day…

You are definitely correct that we don’t have all the information. You are also correct that mainstream media thrives on fear because it glues people to their programming. For that matter, we are all feeding on fear at the moment, everywhere we turn.

You are likely also correct that the rollout of 5G is not helping matters and is of grave concern. And yes, there are terrible pedophilia rings in high places. And yes, corrupt governments do terrible things, and they are doing terrible things right now. It is true.

But please consider that the ideas you take from shady YouTube videos may also not be correct. That your sources may be as confused and confusing as more conservative media outlets. That to suggest that COVID-19 is some kind of false flag performance may contribute to more people becoming sick or dying, because they fall into the illusion of this illness as a conspiracy.

And just because your ageing parents aren’t sick yet doesn’t mean that many other people have not truly lost loved ones, with many more to come. Please don’t detract from the high risk and profound courage of medical workers all over the world.

Conspiracy by definition is a stance which places us in a helpless position: Evil, dark forces are taking over the world. Everything we know is a lie, and anyone who believes anything other than this darkness is asleep.

I invite you to a larger perspective.

Profound darkness has been present upon our planet since the beginning of time. Our species has generated and suffered the experience of countless dark ages; barbaric conquerors, disease, ignorance, and poverty have been the norm for centuries of human existence.

In our present times, however, waves of awareness are now sweeping the globe. The blessing of our digital connectedness allows us to discuss ideas and share information with one another in a way that has sparked a fire of liberation. Imagine if we connected in this same way with our hearts, our wisdom, and our knowledge that there is no experience on this Earth which does not hold profound meaning for our soul.

And what is our guiding principle? Compassion. Kindness. Faith in a larger purpose we may not be able to articulate in this moment. Respect for those who serve on our behalf. And above all, taking responsibility for our own state.

Pointing the finger at circumstances outside of ourselves depletes our own inner strength. Focusing on plot lines and theories does not help. However we name the darkness, the answer to it remains the same: we must walk in our own world with a higher consciousness, vision, and commitment. We must be mindful of our own inner panic which has us seeing ghosts behind every door. We must stay grounded, and centred, and care for one another as never before.

It is my belief that we are in the midst of a profound, energetic shift upon the planet, and that Mother Earth will prevail in her wisdom, and many will be awakened. This much I know for sure. Beyond this, we are all free to understand our experiences through the veil of our own gifts and fears.

If you are about to share something which denies the present moment suffering of those who may be ill, or caring for the ill, please reconsider. Pay attention to the source of these ideas, and notice their level of shock and fear, their need to be right, to further divide the world. Look closely at the stories you are choosing to tell, and see if you can find the origins of them in your own karmic patterning.

Watch for the small miracles that may remind you of how your experiences can transform when you dare to confront and release your own illusions and attachments.

Be reasonable. Be considerate.

Be kind, be kind, be kind, as if the life of your soul depends upon it.

Because it does.

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Read 22 comments and reply

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