April 25, 2020

A Rhyme about Living & Being Alive.


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When opposing and conflicting
thoughts invade your head, feelings overwhelm you

There is nothing left unsaid

While the world seems indifferent
uncaring and unkind
You feel lost and isolated
and hope is hard to find

When heart is filled with bitterness
Powerlessness and gloom
And you’re certain of being headed
Toward the beginning of your doom

When the clock seems to be ticking
Opportunities lost and gone
And the night seems too endless
to wait for the dawn

When all the hits and trials
seem wasted and futile
Don’t give up just yet
Wait again for a while

No matter how hard it gets
No matter what all went wrong
You always, always have it in you
To stand up and be strong

Muster the last ounce of courage
Innate deep within
Even when the silver lining
Is too bleak and too thin

Don’t give up on your dreams
Don’t give up on your life
Don’t give in to the sadness
the darkness and the strife

Bit by bit, one step at a time
As long you move ahead
Hope can never be over
Despite the panic and the dread

Being victimized and staying a victim
Are two different things you see
We are the source of creation
We can choose what we wish to be

Change what is not working
Start anew, once again
Refusing to get bogged down
By “why” and “how” and “when”

There is nothing that’s unchangeable
You just need to decide
And do everything it takes
To twirl around the tide

The path you took till now
May have been crooked, harsh, and tough
Who said there is no going back
Paths are many and enough

Choose a new one that is better
Choose another if required
Rest but never quit
When doubtful, sad, or tired

Look inside and all around
Universe listens and provides
You only need to ask and receive,
With your arms stretched out wide

Take back your power
Break free from the past
Possibilities that exist
Are infinite and vast



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Read 20 comments and reply

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