April 30, 2020

9 Simple Words for when we’re Stuck in the Suck.

Several years ago, a friend offered a few words of encouragement as I was going through a significant health challenge.

He said, “Before you know it, the birds will be chirping.”

It’s funny how such simple words can really stick with you. For over 15 years, I’ve hung onto those words. I’ve also hung onto that friend. He’s now my husband.

Those nine simple words have inspired my optimism on something as simple as a walk on a cloudy day, and encouraged forward movement on something as risky as launching a new business.

Now, I get it. They’re just words. I had to choose to give them meaning.

I was faced with a choice all those years ago, and have been faced with a similar choice many times since: believe a brighter time is around the corner, or sit in the suck of the current situation without much hope.

I’m all for sitting in the suck and facing your feelings or a situation head-on. I believe that’s the only way we’ll ever move beyond a trying time successfully. At the same time, when we’re in those moments of overwhelm or despair, having a visual reference of hope can be the difference of staying in the suck just long enough, or setting up permanent residence.

I often find myself mindlessly doodling happy, singing birds. I think I’m really mindlessly relishing in all the possibilities that hope offers.

Hope that spring will, in fact, show its face. Hope that my children will receive an excellent education under my watch. Hope that cancer will remain in remission. Hope that work deadlines will be met. Hope that we will see our friends again soon. Hope that our earth is enjoying a much-needed rest. Hope that families will be reunited. Hope that healing will fill the hearts of countless people around the world who have endured loss.

This morning I woke up in crisp white sheets next to my husband, with our rescue pup snuggled in between. A melody flooded into the second floor of our bungalow window with the sweet sounds of chirping birds.

The world is going through a lot right now, but the birds are still chirping. Hope is chirping.

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