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April 8, 2020

The Coronavirus Is Here to Help Us, Not Hurt Us.

Although the coronavirus has brought tragedy, it may be our chance to reverse damage inflicted around the world.

For the past few years, I’ve had a pretty unique opportunity to experience severe isolation during my teenage years very much like this quarantine. While isolation is definitely not fun, it has given me the opportunity to be reflective, and in turn, learn a lot, which has been a great benefit. During this time, my beliefs have been tested, changed, and recently led me to several conclusions as to why I think the coronavirus has become a massive pandemic and why it might not all be such a bad thing.

For decades now, it seems as though our world has been in decline. Humanity has pushed the boundaries of pollution, technology, consumption, waste, forest removal, and much more. We take most things to the extreme. We eat too much, we use technology too much, waste too much. Humanity has greatly decreased naturality and excelled in creating harmful drugs and chemicals, medicine, and products that affect the planet adversely. We’ve taken advantage of this planet, including all life–the animals, the plants, and the people.

It seems that this has finally caught up with us. But now, I believe we have a chance to potentially reverse the damage. Is it a coincidence that we’ve been given a clear message to come to a halt and stop almost everything?

My intuition tells me there’s some kind of universal life-force energy that is causing all of these dramatic shifts. Gaia, Mother Earth/Mother Nature, universal life-force energy, or whatever you call it–is seemingly trying to heal herself perhaps since humans have made it increasingly difficult for Earth to survive in the conditions we created. Let’s give her the opportunity!

I have overwhelming gratitude and respect for this planet, so while I know this is a difficult time, I’m glad the universe is fighting back and giving us this chance to reset.

In this slow down, we have already seen some positive results.

  • The water in the canals in Venice is less churned up due to decreased boat traffic, attracting more swans and fish than usual.
  • Pet fostering and adoption have significantly increased as people respond to giving dogs homes as shelters shut down and owners take ill.
  • The air pollution across Europe, India, and China with (hopefully) more to come has significantly dropped.
  • We’ve had more time to spend with family–to eat together, play together, and connect.

How can we keep this going?

Don’t feed into fear: Although these are scary and uncertain times, let’s do the best we can to shield ourselves from negativity. Limit time on social media, watching the news, and dwelling on what could happen. The negative emotion of fear itself taxes the immune system–the last thing we want to do right now.

Look on the positive side: In the face of adversity, I’ve learned how important it is to look on the positive side. It keeps you going. While there are a lot of negatives to this situation, what is good? And, it may just be a good meal and a comfortable bed, but that’s okay for now. Focus on and be thankful for what is good.

Take care of the earth (it’s our home): Find ways to be sustainable, limit EMF (electric and magnetic fields) exposure with technology use, plant a tree, try using organic/all natural products, or conserve electricity. Little steps can make a big difference!

Put things in perspective: If you’re sad you don’t get to participate in the graduation ceremony you worked so hard for, think about the 18 year old boys who went off to fight in WWII or Vietnam. Or, if you are annoyed that you aren’t able to go to a restaurant with friends, think of the doctors and nurses working on the frontlines in hospitals who barely get to eat or see their family. Despite everything, most of us are fortunate.

Slow down: Chances are, before this lockdown, you were very busy running here and there. The opportunity to stop is a good thing. If you haven’t, try meditation, yoga, reading, staring into space, just being quiet. When we get back to normal schedules, let’s remember this feeling of not being so rushed and not having so many commitments. The coronavirus is clearly reminding us to take more moments.

While all these influences are positive and can benefit civilization, the coronavirus has still brought tragedy and hard times. I’m sorry to anyone who has been negatively impacted by the virus. This is my way of spreading good during a difficult situation.

There is a lot we can’t do right now, but a lot we can. Let’s write again, let’s read for pleasure, play games, connect with nature, cook organically, take self-care days, and find joy in activities that we are able to do. Our world and planet will be happier for our efforts.

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