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April 9, 2020

Top 5 skills you should learn during this covid -19 lockdown

Thinking positive, the corona has given everyone time to think about their lives, their passion, their
hobbies, and their interests. For a person who has been busy 24/7 with office and house-hold rituals, it
is not easy to stay at home not doing anything. On the other hand, this is the time when you can relax
and get some time for yourself.

This is the time to learn something new to keep yourself active and motivated. Since we cannot go out,
think about the activities you can do at home.

Cooking – Good for self and family!
Most of us know the basics of cooking, but this is a different time, we can learn dishes form different region like gujrati cuisine. This is the testing time of your cooking skills as you cannot go out and buy the ingredients freely. You have to think and adjust the ingredients available at home without compromising on taste. Learn this skill by experimenting and you will be happy that you can manage with so little ingredients and yet make a tasty, unique recipe. You can also watch various online videos to get inspired and come up with some creative and delicious recipes.

Gardening – Greenery keeps you cool!
Gardening is a very exciting activity that many people ignore. If you love nature you can make your
garden more beautiful by various DIYs at home. You can organize your plants in a single row. Many wild

kinds of grass grow near your plants. Remove them to make your garden more amazing. You can create
different sections for particular flowers. You can reuse old tin boxes and paint them to blend into your
garden theme. Use these painted tin boxes as colorful flower pots to decorate your garden or backyard.
It is also one of the best ways to feel relaxed and get rid of stress.

Yoga for Health of Body and Mind
What is better than keeping your body fit when you are at home? In this current situation, you cannot
go out for the gym or jogging. In this case, you can go to yoga. Yoga can help you to calm your mind and
soul keeping you fit mentally as well as physically. Many instructors are now offering digital classes
these days. You can take professional help to learn yoga skills and follow it. This is a great way to utilize
this time. Moreover, yoga doesn’t need much equipment thus you don’t have to purchase equipment
for learning it.

Reading and learning a new language 
Reading is a great way to increase your knowledge and excel in your vocabulary. You can read various
books based on your interests. If you are not having books you can read on e-books. There are hundreds
of varieties available online. From historical stories to fictional stories all are present. You can also learn
different languages these days. There are various courses available online which teach people different
languages. This will enhance your personality and your resume as well.

Knitting for your loved ones
Knitting is a great way to utilize your quarantine time. You can learn to knit various clothes and
accessories. These can be perfect gifts for your loved ones as everyone loves knitted clothes. You can
play with color while knitting and create a color splash theme in your clothes as it is trending nowadays.

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