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April 9, 2020

What This Quarantine Life Taught Me!

It is definitely not easy to shift your focus and priority from the normal life to an “emergency” state of living!

But, amongst these unprecedented times, I have been reflecting on all the good things this COVID-19 has given me! Yeah there’s more to the worst side of this pandemic. But I’ve decided to take a break from all the chaos and complaints about this scary unlikable, and unfortunate time of the year to contemplate the beautiful lessons this virus has taught me.


We take our relationships so very lightly; so granted, as if we have plenty of time to talk, play, to have fun, to laugh, and to, eat together! But this quarantined life made me aware of the importance of being surrounded by family! I was able to sleep in peace at night only because I knew my family is safe and is near me. I decided to never complain about doing too much of work for my husband or for my kids. In fact I do more chores these days and I still feel good to know; “I am feeling safe only because I have my family around with me the whole time.”


Having jobs that allow us to work from home is a privilege, and a big blessing. I kept saying that to my husband ever since we have had been on self quarantine to curb the spread of the virus!
I have seen him working from home previously too; but now when I guage this uncertainty of life, not just being uninterrupted by the virus fear but also of losing your job; I remind myself and my kids to not-forget-to feel grateful about the blessings we have been gifted with! Take a moment from your complaints and reflect on the blessed opportunities we have it right now! Now that we’re spending a lot of time than usual at our respective homes, utilize it to create transparent strong bonding and great memories with your family.

Mind & Body

I always knew how important it is to take care of our mental and physical health! But, these unprecedented times of uncertainty and things completely novel to us has perturbed our status quo. Our daily routine has been seriously effected by the recent new changes; while we are finding new ways to work, exercise, connect, to stay entertained, to stay healthy, to stay calm and to relax at home all-day-long!

The escalating crisis all across the globe has taught me to tame my fears, and to take care of my mental state. I understood how important it was for me to do some breathing exercise and meditation or yoga, to calm my fears! I’m happy to introduce this important “ritual” into our lives, now! I sit with my kids everyday in the evening to do the meditation and some deep breathing exercises.

Soul Searching

This crippling effect of COVID-19 pushed me to take a step back and do a soul searching of myself and my life. My gratitude level skyrocketed when I realized how important it was for us to pause! And this self-isolation with family eased my life as I slipped into more leisurely hours of my days! I was able to sit, relax, turn off all electronic distractions and and disruptions; only to play, sketch, draw, and to have food and snacks together with my family. There was no urgent need of rushing or hustling to get through the day. Now, we sit together and enjoy long talks, and laugh insanely to silly and sometimes real jokes- all together!

This completely new experience gave me an appreciation of every big or little healthy habits we must remember to follow when we go about living our daily lives. Being in those moments where we learned that we can be potentially at risk of getting hit by the virus or carrying it to another person; helped me to understand and appreciate every tiny things about life.

We must all play a part in containing this situation, so that one day, we can finally start going out and can have more gatherings again!

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