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May 7, 2020

3 Things You Need to Know NOW and Going Forward for Success as a Yoga Teacher

The world of Yoga adapted so fast to this “crisis”, and so many people plan there day around their Yoga livestream class.

I personally am so honoured and grateful to continue to teach and help make students’ lives a little better…

But one thing is for sure –  Yoga teaching has changed forever!

This is not a bad thing, but as teachers we need to brush up on some key skills, learn to adapt and learn to serve.

The truth is people will be seeking health and wellness practices IN DROVES during and after COVID-19, BUT the landscape has changed as teachers….

3 Things You Need to Know NOW and Going Forward for Success as a Yoga Teacher:

1. Verbal Cues are ESSENTIAL / Hands On Assisting is Dead

Hands On Assisting may in fact go the way of the dodo for a while even after doors open.

Social distancing will mean NO hands on assisting…and, livestream teaching means you’ve got to cue well.

This is a great time to practice your verbal cueing.

Here’s some best practices:

  • Be less complex – use fewer cues but CLEAR ones now.


  • Be compelling but drop the poetry – please don’t say “marry your toes” – instead say, “Big toes touch“.


  • Command Language – start sentences with a verb – “Raise the arms“, “Touch the mat“, “Lift the spine“. “Bring big toes together“.


  • Avoid Passive Voice – “we’re going to“…drop this from your vocabulary.

2. Presence + Positivity Matters More Now Than Perfect Sequencing

Students CRAVE positivity and a leadership right now.

Your perfect sequence is not as important as how you SHOW UP on livestreams and will be VITAL when we all gather in person. People feel beat up, lonely, scared and worried.

Yoga teachers have a chance to truly be cheerleaders and spread the good vibes.

Make HOW YOU BE more important than anything in your classes!!!!

To Stay Positive Ourselves, This Means as Teacher We Need to:

  • Take care of our own mental and physical health
  • Walk the Talk
  • Keep learning and surrounding ourselves with great teachers OURSELVES!!!!
  • Watch our intake of media and social media, and be mindful of staying in Truth.
  • Keep planning for our future and stay optimistic

This may also be a great time to learn marketing, business and even more teaching skills so you can really serve!!!!!

3. Yoga for Anxiety and Mental Health is About to SKYROCKET!!

Are you ready????  Learning Anxiety and Coping Tools are KEY

Medical experts are saying we are headed for a mental health crisis.

Suicide hotlines are overwhelmed.

Psychiatrists are saying they can’t handle the volume of clients, and addictions are skyrocketing (not to mention divorce) so as Yoga Teachers we have a DUTY to step UP!

Yoga has always been a tool, with no negative side effects, to help us live well.

We have to start speaking to this better as a community.

We have to start supporting people with these tools.

We have to really learn how to help…

If you don’t know the key tools to helping people with anxiety or mental health challenges, NOW IS THE TIME TO LEARN!!!!!

Many of us came to Yoga because of personal challenge…that is certainly true for me.

These can feel like extremely challenging times, but as Yogis and Yoginis we actually have an opportunity to lean into our own tools and share those to truly help birth a new consciousness….

…which is what Yoga has always been about.


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