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May 2, 2020

Being a Human Care Bear

I care too much.

I’m emotionally intense.

If people knew the depths of my caring—strangers, acquaintances, friends— I’m afraid I would scare them away.

I love people to an almost unfathomable degree, even the outcasts, the misfits—hell, I love them even more! I see the spark in them, I see their god nature, their potential…every single time. Even if they can’t see it themselves.

This would seem like a great skill to have, until you have it. It is both a blessing and a curse. While people like us are great at listening and empathizing, we often feel unheard, unloved, or understood ourselves.

Not that being understood is the goal, but me oh my, it helps. Especially when you care so much, you often long for a sense of belonging. Call it part of being an empath or highly sensitive person.

When you care about everyone more than they care about you (at least so seems— can’t blame them, it’s not the current default setting for humanity, to be a human Care Bear), it often leaves you feeling less than cared for. But it’s not their fault. We love deeply, passionately, unapologetically, and often without reason— and I am beginning to understand that it’s ok if sometimes I am unmatched in the care (at least with those I hardly know). Where I do expect it, and you should too, is with a romantic partner and close friends.

And when did caring become uncool? When did kindness become dorky? How can make those en vogue?

I remember feeling nerdy as a kid just on account of being nice to everyone. How backwards is that?

So maybe we can’t change every heart and mind, but perhaps we can embrace our deeply loving nature, continuing to shine it out into the world. And perhaps over time, the more of us human Care Bears that unite, the more we will make love, kindness, and caring cool for once.

So, shine on, my fellow Care Bears. Our time is now.

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