May 14, 2020

I am a Professional Human.

Collectively, never have so many on earth been asked at once
to examine how we choose to live
how we wish to live
how we ought to live
and what we are willing to leave behind
to live better
for ourselves
and each other

with open palms
with tender hearts
being asked now
to be awake and aware
to release anything that stands in the way of seeing source and self clearer

can you trust that what is meant to stay
will stay?

I know you feel that call too
none of this an accident
we are here, in this together
personally and globally
spiritually and physically
anywhere our feet land
every where our heart reaches
I know you hear it too
release or be dragged

and today, oh today
you know those days
the ones mama told me there’d be days like
each blessed one we got, bringing us what we need
and today, was just another one

only today, there was nowhere to hide
everywhere, everything;
let go
or be dragged
I chose this, I know
but it still never gets old, the feeling
let go
or be dragged

every moment
a deep look into the proverbial mirror
to which even the bravest and seeking, will admittedly have to rest their tired eyes from

today was one of those
and when looked at and truly seen
today was a gift, a blessing, a chance to touch, and love every thing that I could or might still want to hide from or cling to

today was a thousand moments again
that present me with who I was, or
who, in this rapidly changing world
I choose to be

today and each day
each sacred moment that is
a chance to look into the mirror
and choose our truth
above all else.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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