May 6, 2020

Energy Yoga & Our Healing Role in Human Evolution.

It’s time for us to internally expand in order to create true change.

We, as a global community, are experiencing the coronavirus pandemic, with The United States having the most cases in the world.

We have been experiencing occurrences on Earth that we have not seen before, from such large-scale pandemics to raging wildfires and extreme weather events. It seems very much like Mother Nature has had enough of the abuse we inflict upon her and that this is a time when healing is most needed, en masse.

Given the teachings of people like Alan Cohen who said, “Do what is healing to your spirit and without effort you will bring the world healing in return,” there is a reasonable chance that the greatest impact we can have toward recalibrating and rebalancing our relation to both ourselves and this virus, the Earth, and the environment, is through meditation.

We all have a chance to become spiritual warriors.

The mission of a spiritual warrior, as I have defined it here, is to participate in the healing of oneself and the expansion of human consciousness for the purpose of furthering the evolution of our species. We can do this through meditation or what I refer to as Energy Yoga.

Meditation as a real solution

Through deep mediation, we can enter a state of unification with the energy from which all creation originates. There are numerous names for this energy including pure consciousness, life force, divine light, source energy, prana, kundalini, God, The Universe, etc. I will refer to it here as the energy field.

The energy field is the energetic force driving the development of existence across all spans of time. By deepening our meditation practice, we can tap into and feel this energy field. Through ongoing practice, we can drop into that energy field and remain there for increasing periods of time. Consequently, we can begin to not only develop new neural-pathways in our minds, but help blaze a new path on behalf of ourselves and humanity.

What the energy field feels like

There are no words that can adequately describe what being in the energy field exactly is or what it feels like. The words I can use point in the direction of understanding, but the words are merely a launching pad. That being said, the description, as I have gleaned from spiritual teachers like Eckart Tolle, has been critical for me achieving dropping into the energy field.

The drop-in requires embodying a feeling of pure bliss, namely complete relaxation and acceptance of the way everything is at this point in time. Maintaining presence in the energy field amplifies that feeling of bliss until it is a thought-free state of happiness. The energy field then starts to move through you.

Someone who is just beginning to meditate might not feel this feeling until months or years into their practice. When they do, they may not be able to maintain that connection for long. But as the ongoing meditation practice develops and continues (ideally in addition to personal work, exercise, yoga, and adherence to a healthy diet), the discovery of the energy field can occur more quickly and for longer periods of time.

It should be noted that use of sacred plant medicine seems to offer direct drop-in and extended time in the energy field. Within this realm, there are many layers and avenues to explore and in which to expand. This is where energy yoga plays a role.

Energy yoga

Energy yoga doesn’t refer to any actual physical yoga practice, but there certainly are parallels. Energy Yoga is a meditative practice employed to reach the deep relaxation necessary to allow internal expansion through various internal poses. Through energy yoga, we come to access different layers, dimensions, and aspects of the energy field.

Energy yoga is about expanding and stretching to new internal states by co-navigating with the frequency of the energy field. The deeper level can be fully absorbed into the field through a disciplined practice.

Energy Yoga essentially utilizes subtle self-generated, self-guided meditations while in the energy field that allow your energy to stretch and expand into a new form. One option for a self-guided meditation is to purify and cleanse the body and mind. All that is required (once in the energetic field) is a profoundly deep belief that you are being cleansed and that you are completely healthy. This belief far surpasses any doubt that might arise in your thinking mind. Deepen the belief that the cleansing is taking place, physically feel the force of the energy field flow through you, and be in a state of record-breaking confidence and full belief in the effectiveness of process.

It sounds relatively easy to do but there is the difficult challenge of the ongoing attempts for the thinking mind/ego, to activate and attempt to reclaim our attention. It may enter casually in an attempt to get us to drop out of the energy field, as a thought that will trigger some significant patterned reaction within you, or as doubt in the process of what is taking place. Practice and skill are required to stay fully immersed only in what you are experiencing while in the energy field, especially in the face of the attempts by your thinking mind/ego to derail you.

With this practice, you are energetically expanding into new feelings that you perhaps have never experienced before, and expanding past what you previously believed about yourself or the energy field. There is an exploration process, and through testing of your limits, strength, and breathing, one finds the stretch.

This is about expanding the boundaries of your current energetic flow patterns by facing triggers (painful memories or fear of the future) but maintaining the feeling of being in the energy flow. This is not always easy and the intensity of the triggers tend to increase over time as you dig deeper into your practice.

Keep coming back to the practice and using the energy field flowing within you to dissolve responses to triggers. This is how one can unravel the knots in your energetic body. The stretch that you feel is the feeling of transmuting the stagnant, stuck, and blocked energy of the old patterns and limiting subconscious beliefs that often largely govern how we function in our lives. By moving into the stretch, there often is an overwhelming feeling of great expansion around the heart chakra and light flowing through it. Deepening and breathing into that stretch is where the real shifts can take place by allowing old beliefs to dissolve and have less control over us. In turn, this affects how we respond to the world around us.

Merge with your higher self

Another guided meditation experience is to feel that you are merging with your higher self. Your higher self can be thought of as your true essence or the blueprint of you. It’s who you were before you had the experiences you have had from the time of conception until today. You are still this same person, beneath the layers of your experiences.

Your higher self is made up of this preexisting energy state and comes from the source of pure consciousness. Embrace it as your magnetic north—your self in its pristine state—and it will blast through energetic blocks or conditioned reactions that are not in alignment with who you really are. It feels like your soul is emerging from inside you.

You have every right to fully believe that this aspect of you embodies all the potential of the Universe. Imagine your higher self as a superhero, capable of creating anything you can fully believe in. In this state, anything you believe deeply enough has the potential to be true. That is the nature of managing your life through managing the energy that drives it.

Unraveling somatic energy blocks

Both of these meditation techniques create a new path for healing energy to flow, and that is where the catharsis—your personal evolution—lives.

This is an approach that resides on the other end of the spectrum of talk therapy, which begins by wading through the problems. Instead, energy yoga reconditions and stretches you to believe that you are already healed, whole, worthy, and fully deserving.

As a meditation exercise, once on this deep level where everything is connected to everything else, access the feeling that you are unraveling energetic blocks in the collective human consciousness. Believe that in doing this, you are acting as a much-needed agent of change on the precipice of human healing and evolution. After all, it is the energy field that creates and drives the laws of existence and evolution is one of those laws.


By being the change we want to see in the world, in this state, we are healing the collective.

Evolution is a physical manifestation of the force of the energy field. By tapping into the energy field through practicing and deepening energy yoga, we are influencing the unfolding of the next chapters of humankind and life on this planet.

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