May 13, 2017

How to Connect with our Subtle Energy Field.

Even if we cannot see it, our aura is always with us, surrounding us. It consists of the sum of its parts. Our seven main chakras that run along the spine are a powerful lens through which to view our subtle body and invisible, yet tangible, energies.

This is how we may connect with each of the chakras:

The Root Chakra

To connect with our root chakra, we can stand up directly on the earth, and feel the ground through the soles of our feet. We can breathe deeply and feel thankful to nature, the earth, sea, and sky. We are nature—and nature is us. Connect with breath. Breath is life. Breath is always there for us, as long as we live. Breathe deeply. Inhale gratitude. Inhale whatever it is you feel. There is no wrong answer. Just keep breathing. You are safe. You belong. This is your home.

The Sacral Chakra

Water and movement are the keys for the sacral chakra. Walking, practicing yoga or tai chi, hiking, or moving near a river, lake, or ocean is ideal. Jump right in and take a swim! If natural bodies of water are not nearby, we can connect with the sacred sacral chakra in a pool, bathtub, or shower. We need to remember to be more like water and just go with the flow, accepting our desires and emotions, not repressing them.

Move. Shake it up. Travel. Stretch. Hike. Walk instead of driving everywhere. Bicycle. Practice yoga asanas. Keep your body dynamic. Listen to your inner voice. Dance when it is time to dance. And then be still.

The Solar Plexus

Solar plexus energy is related to our will, power, and purpose. This is the center of action, effort, and intensity. Practise core strengthening exercises, a new skill, hone your self-discipline. Fire is the element here. Participate in a fire ceremony or create your own. Light candles. Practise challenging yoga, pushing yourself to your limit. Do standing meditations.

The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is where it’s at. This is where we, as a global society, need to be. We’ve been stuck at the third chakra (solar plexus) for a long time now, obsessed with work, ambition, and power. A lot of people are awakening their hearts and this is helping evolve the collective consciousness of humanity.

Green is the color of the heart. Immerse yourself in green, whether it be wearing green clothing, or being in a green room or forest. I personally adore practising metta (loving kindness or loving friendliness), both formally and informally. That is, sending good wishes to myself, my loved ones, and ultimately all beings.

The element of the heart is air, so more breath work is prescribed for opening and balancing heart energy.

Give love. The first and last freedom is self-knowledge. Know yourself. Be aware of yourself. Accept yourself. Love yourself. Give love freely and unconditionally by being kind to yourself, your friends, relatives and pets, your enemies and adversaries, and to all beings without exception.

Do not let hate win. Let love be!

The Throat Chakra

We can connect with the throat chakra through speaking, singing, and chanting. The color associated with it is turquoise or sky blue. Gaze at flowing water. Gaze at the vast sky. The act of writing is a powerful and simple way to connect with our throat chakra and solar plexus. Express yourself. Get your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and plans down on paper. Read those words out loud. Read poetry aloud. Whisper. Scream. Share.

The Third Eye

The third eye is activated through visualization, imagination, and connecting with our intuition and natural intelligence.

The Crown Chakra

Lastly, we can connect with our crown chakra through all manners of meditation.

Awareness is awesome. Yoga is the practice of becoming more aware and paying better attention. Understanding and working with our aura and chakras can help this process.

May it be of benefit.



Author: Michelle Margaret Fajkus
Image:  Laura d’Alessandro/Flickr
Editor: Lieselle Davidson

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