108 Ways to Heal Your Chakras.

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Time is—
Love is—
Death is—
And the Wheel turns,
And the Wheel turns,
And we are all bound to the Wheel.

~ Paul Edwin Zimmer

A chakra is a “wheel,” an energy center in the body. Nadis are the ethereal tubes that allow prana to move through the body, just as blood moves through blood vessels.

Chakras are located at points where nadis intersect; there are said to be 72,000 nadis throughout the body and thousands of chakras.

Both the upward current and downward current of energy must be open and flowing for us to be optimally healthy and whole. Anothea Judith writes in her classic guidebook, The Wheel of Life, “The liberating current brings us excitement, energy, and novelty, while the descending current brings peace, grace and stability.”

There are seven major chakras in tantric yoga philosophy. Here is a quick guide to each of these seven sacred energy centers; may it be of benefit.

If you are a beginner (and aren’t we all?), please be sure to practice yoga mindfully and with the guidance of a qualified teacher.

1st Chakra

Location: Root/base of the spine
Sanskrit: Muladhara/”root support”
Color: red
Element: earth
Issues: stability, survival, unity, identity, ego, birth, death
Associated with: legs, feet, bones, adrenal gland, large intestine, teeth, spinal column
Governs: perception of the physical world; motivation and intent, birth, work, money, eating, digestion
Malfunction: weight problems, eating disorders, constipation, sciatica, arthritis, knee problems

Healing Techniques

Music: tribal drums; root chakra playlist
Affirmations: I am Earth. I am here. I am solid. I am alive. I am beginning anew.
Yoga poses
: mountain, squat, standing forward bend, garland, child’s
Connect with: Mother Earth/pacha mama, the soles of the feet, root lock/mula bandha
Pranayama: Ujjayi breath
Practice: Hatha yoga, yin yoga
Meditation: breath awareness

2nd Chakra

Location: Sacrum/center of pelvis
Sanskrit: Svadistana/”sweetness”
Color: orange
Element: water
Issues: duality, choice, desire, emotions, sexuality
Associated with: the liquid part of the body, circulatory and urinary systems
Governs: feelings of creativity; the intimacy and vulnerability of sexual attraction; the ability to produce and nurture our own children
Malfunction: impotence, frigidity, uterine/bladder/kidney problems, lower back pain

Healing Techniques

Music: jazz; sacral chakra playlist
Affirmations: I am change. I am growth. I am desirable. I am dynamic. I am flowing with grace.
Poses: Warrior 1, Warrior 2, lizard, pigeon, hanumanasana (“the splits”)
Connect with: the hips
Pranayama: Alternate Nostril Breathing
Practice: Tantra yoga, vinyasa flows
Meditation: meditation on sensation

3rd Chakra

Location: Solar plexus/navel
Sanskrit: Manipura/”Lustrous gem”
Color: yellow
Element: fire
Issues: power, will, strength, courage, effort
Associated with: adrenal glands, pancreas, liver, stomach, nervous system; regulation and distribution of metabolic energy
Governs: emotional issues, personal power, self-respect, courage, healthy humility; learning the power of grace

Malfunction: ulcers, diabetes, digestive disorders, muscular problems

Healing Techniques

Music: rock; solar plexus playlist
Affirmations: I am powerful. I am fierce. I am capable. I am energetic. I can change my life.
Poses: single leg lifts, double leg lifts, boat, eagle, plank
Connect with: the core, abdominal lock/ uddiyana bandha
Pranayama: breath of fire
Practice: karma yoga
Meditation: meditation on emotion

4th Chakra

Location: Heart/center of chest
Sanskrit: Anahata/”unstruck sound”
Color: green
Element: air
Issues: love, friendship, kindness, forgiveness, devotion, generosity
Associated with: thymus gland, lungs, hands, heart, blood; immune and endocrine systems.
Governs: love, compassion, unconditional acceptance
Malfunction: high blood pressure, respiratory problems, heart and lung problems, feeling heartbroken

Healing Techniques

Music: classical, heart chakra playlist
Affirmations: I am fresh. I am clean. I am unstruck. I am unstuck. I am loving. I am loved.
Poses: standing back bend, camel, reverse warrior, triangle, bridge, wheel
Connect with: the heart, the breath, the wind, maitri
Pranayama: full yogic breath
Practice: Bhakti yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga
Meditation: forgiveness, Metta/loving kindness

5th chakra

Location: Throat/center of neck
Sanskrit: Vissudha/”With purity”
Color: turquoise/sky blue
Element: sound, ether
Issues: communication, expression, creativity, speech, listening
Associated with: thyroid and parathyroid glands, lungs, vocal cords, shoulders, neck, arms, hands
Governs: expression of thoughts and feelings, finding our own truth and relearning the ability to express ourselves
Malfunction: colds, thyroid problems, ear/hearing problems, sore throats, speech problems

Healing Techniques

Music: World, throat chakra playlist
Affirmations: I am open. I am honest. I am expressive. I am empowered.
Poses: camel, shoulder stand, fish, neck rolls, cobra
Connect with: the throat, throat lock/Jalandhara bandha
Pranayama: bumblebee breath
Practice: chanting, Mantra yoga
Meditation: Tonglen

6th Chakra

Location: third eye/between, slightly above and behind eyebrows
Sanskrit: Ajna/”Wisdom center”; perception and command
Color: indigo/midnight blue
Element: light
Issues: intuition, insight, intellect, imagination
Associated with: pineal gland; visual input from our two physical eyes and our “third eye” of psychic perception
Governs: spirituality and the search for meaning in life, visualization, inner awareness and witness consciousness
Malfunction: blindness, headaches, nightmares, eye strain, blurred vision

Healing Techniques

Music: soul, third eye playlist
Affirmations: I am looking. I am seeing. I am noticing. I am intuitive. I connect with my inner wisdom.
Poses: child’s, cobbler’s, savasana, locust, bow
Connect with: the forehead, the present moment, the inner self
Pranayama: kapalabhati breathing
Practice: Yantra yoga
Meditation: Vipassana/insight meditation

7th Chakra

Location: crown/top of head
Sanskrit: Sahasrara/”thousandfold”
Color: violet or white
Element: thought
Issues: divinity, wisdom, connectivity, inner peace, enlightenment
Associated with: pituitary gland
Governs: our connection to the divine, the universe, God, our Buddha Nature, a higher intelligence; living our Truth; willingness to surrender
Malfunction: depression, alienation, confusion, boredom, apathy, feeling disconnected or disjointed

Healing Techniques

Music: the sound of silence
Affirmations: I am. I am here, now. I am Buddha. I am the church.
Poses: headstand, rabbit, downward dog, easy pose, half-lotus, lotus
Connect with: the top of the head, the sky, the universe
Pranayama: ocean breath
Practice: Raja and jnana yoga
Meditations: Zazen, pure awareness, mindfulness

Bonus: learn about the little-known knee chakra.


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  1. anita says:

    Nice learning’thanks

  2. Frank says:

    Yoga/ working with chakras has nothing to do with anything other than "I am the soul", the rest is just ego and maya. Hope this clarifies. Happy meditations!

  3. Hajnalka says:

    Oh dear …. Please please please always go to a competent guru or a teacher who has received the necessary initiations for these esoteric teachings. They are passed down orally from teacher to aspirant and this has been the tradition for a loooong time. Namaste

  4. Annie says:

    This is one of the best Elephant Journal articles I've read ( and I am a long time fan and happy subscriber ). I have recently been exploring with fascination and devotion the subject of Kundalini awakening. There needs to be more articles available that discuss so eloquently the sacred chakras and how to kindle the flame that is our energy wheels. Thanks for putting this out there!

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    Love this thank you

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    Loved it! Very nicely put across.. Thanks 🙂

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    Thanks.you have done it for the generations to come.

    Souls coming next should know about it in details.

  9. Very nice and clear article – I have written something similar in danish on my own website … and this was a great help and inspiration.

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