May 15, 2020

How to Let Nature be your Salve in a Pandemic.

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April 29th, 2020.

The beaches in Lee County, Florida reopened with precautions; masks are to be worn, and walking and running are permitted.

After almost two months of giving mother nature a break, we can cautiously rejoin the world. Strangers are becoming neighbors as we all find a new appreciation for going out, getting outside of our bubble, and stepping into truth.

With the rise of the information age, beginning in the late 20th century, the majority of us have adopted a convenience mindset. This convenience felt like growth at first, affording many families and classes of people more time with their families and less time keeping house. Homesteads were no longer necessary as we moved into cities and away from natural resources.

This pandemic puts a spotlight on the areas of our life that may need some revamping, allowing us to once again pour into ourselves and our home.

It is so easy to confine ourselves to a version of reality until that reality is threatened. We are moving away from these pages to connect and help our reality be a safe and healthy one. As the virus spreads, so does the awareness that we need to do our part to experience the world in a way that gives more than it takes.

We are rediscovering that who we are at home is just as important as who we are out in the world. We have a responsibility to ourselves and our earth to maintain healthy practices.

Cleaning up after ourselves reduces pollution, and supporting local business preserves our community. These are a few habits that, when kept in our personal lives, add value to our collective experience.

There is healing in nature, and my hope is that after being cooped up a lot, more of us are seeking ways to connect and benefit from its healing properties.

“Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy.” ~ Isaac Newton

Here are five ways we can practice self-care at the beach:

  1. Salt water is a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory solution that cleanses the skin and provides relief to tense muscles. Treat this like you would an Epsom salt bath for maximum benefit.
  2. Vitamin D is referred to as “the sunshine vitamin” because we absorb it through our skin, allowing our cells to absorb other minerals that strengthen our joints.
  3. Sand is a natural exfoliant and a great source of magnesium, reducing our anxiety and improving our mood. This is why we often feel uplifted after a beach walk, and our feet feel smoother.
  4. Patience is a virtue. We have heard this all our lives, and nature has a way of teaching us tolerance. It can take time to adapt to the sunlight, to the heat, and exploring allows us to find shade and other ways we can meet nature without abandoning our comfort altogether.
  5. Flow is our natural state of being. Moving forward from one task to another without anxiety. Nature allows us to connect with this state of being by observing its tender processes.

Nature teaches us how to slow down and absorb the good stuff by recharging our energy body, with minerals, sunlight, phytonutrients, and oxygen—each one playing an essential role in our health and vitality. Nature nurtures the good habits if we decide to tune in and spend time discovering what it has to share.

No matter our social or financial status, nature does not judge us. It is there to explore, to nurture, and to be a role model. If you are not able to access your natural beauty and bodywork services. or maybe you do not have room in your budget for self-care, nature is waiting for you. Patiently, unassumingly waiting for you to join it and benefit from its offerings.

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