May 5, 2020

A Simple Recipe for Healthier Aging. {Partner}

This article is written in partnership with Neurohacker Collective—they’re dedicated to helping you to claim your vitality, and we’re honored to work with them. ~ ed.


Loving ourselves and each other should never be based on how we look.

But caring about our bodies isn’t just about vanity. It’s about our health, and appreciating the gift of being alive (during these trying times, we realize that more than ever).

We all know that fitness can add years to our lives. But beyond fitness, what else can we do to try to slow the aging process?

There are superficial reasons for wanting to age slower: like delaying fine lines, wrinkles, and gray hairs. But we’re beautiful at any age. The more meaningful reason to slow aging is to enjoy life longer, reach more of our goals, and live more of our dreams. 

As early as our 20s or 30s, most already have subtle aging symptoms:

  • Does bouncing back from a night of partying take longer than it used to?
  • Does it take longer to recover from a hard workout? 
  • Do you run out of energy a little earlier in the evening than when you were 18? 

That’s because we feel aging symptoms even before we see them. 

But there’s good news. Science has come a lonnnnnnnng way in figuring out what we can add to our diet to battle aging as much as possible. 

So without getting too technical, let’s first understand, what is aging?

Here is aging in a nutshell. Our bodies have about 37 trillion cells. They produce energy to do lots of great stuff

  • repair our skin to keep it looking young 
  • help grow healthy nails and luscious locks 
  • repair muscles after a workout
  • fuel willpower, keep our mind sharp, our immune systems strong, and so on

But we give our cells a hard time. Every time we get stressed out, get poor sleep, eat a poor diet, or Netflix and chill for a month, we are living a lifestyle that can increase cellular damage. As this damage accumulates, our cells get less efficient at producing energy.

As our cells produce less and less energy, they quit prioritizing less important repairs. 

Things like glowing skin, all-day enthusiasm, and overnight workout recovery are nice, but they aren’t necessary to live, so they’re the first to go.

And a not-so-fun process called “aging” begins. 

Then we spend a fortune putting “bandaids” on the problem: cosmetics for our skin, heat pads and wraps after workouts, and a gallon of coffee for our energy. None of the above addresses nourishing our cells at the cellular level where aging begins.

That is what makes Eternus a legit breakthrough approach to counteracting aging, by addressing aging in a more advanced way; at the level of our cells.

What is Eternus?

Eternus is a cutting-edge health formula that contains an incredible 36 carefully selected ingredients that all have serious scientific evidence to support healthier aging. 

Eternus comes in your choice of two forms: either a berry-flavored drink mix, or capsule form. 

If you choose the drink mix, well then it’s smoothie time!

Put one packet of Eternus into a blender with a creamy milk base (a good quality nut milk, like milkadamia, is perfect—you can even make your own).

Then toss in a handful of blueberries or blackberries, a tsp of each of the following: cacao powder, MCT oil, chia seeds (you could bump this up to a tbsp for an extra dose of fiber), Manuka honey, and chlorella or spirulina.

Blend well for 30 seconds, then…enjoy the most research-backed healthy-aging drink on the market.

Eternus is loaded with premium age-defying ingredients like biotin, strawberry seed extract, vitamin K2, coenzyme Q10, ashwagandha extract, french red grapes extract, and dozens more. 

In fact the California-based science and medical team that created Eternus links tons of research studies on their website explaining the role each ingredient plays in supporting the health of our cells. 

To get a bit nerdy for a moment…

We have a coenzyme in our bodies called NAD+ which decreases with age. Lower NAD+ levels are associated with increased aging. But delaying aging is a complex process that requires more than only boosting NAD+ levels. In fact, everything from activating an enzyme called AMPK, to supporting insulin regulation, to upregulating proteins called sirtuins are all factors to consider when trying to delay aging. 

Eternus factors all these things (and many more) into your choice of a berry-flavored drink or an effortless supplement. It makes short work of combatting aging in a big way.

How to Try Eternus on the Cheap with No Financial Risk

Not only can you get Eternus 50% off the first month if you choose the subscription (no worries you can cancel at any time), but on top of that, the team behind Eternus is giving the Elephant Journal community an additional 15% off your first purchase when you GO HERE and enter discount code EJ15 at checkout.

Eternus comes with a 100 Day Moneyback Guarantee, so if you don’t feel the difference in your energy and vitality after just a few days, no worries, you get a full refund with no hassle.

The fountain of youth doesn’t exist, but a really advanced science team making a really advanced drink mix to challenge aging, does.

36 premium ingredients to support healthier aging in one drink a day? Yes please!

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