May 19, 2020

We are Nature: An Ode to our Mother. {Poem}

The sunrise.

The sunset.
The full moon.
The new moon.
A shooting star.

Wind in the bamboo or pines.
Fragrant blossoms of magnolia or lilacs.
Fresh sprouted tulips and daffodils.
A mountain that rises to meet the sky.

Ocean breezes.
Sea water.
A glacier fed lake.
Floating down a river.

What do you feel as you read these things?
Peace, calm, a sense of ease?

We are at peace in these thoughts, because we are a piece of nature.
Not separate, but together.
Creating this planet, and ecosystem, and life.

So, how do we create a life of harmony?
Harmony with her, and harmony within?

Enjoy her. Enjoy you.
Create in her honor, not her detriment.
The moment we cherish ourselves deeply, I believe we will begin to cherish her deeply as well.

The climate, the earth, our mother, is calling us home.
Can you hear her call?

She whispers on breezes, and the legs of crickets.
She prods with raindrops, and the flight of a heron.

I love you, come home.
Please love you, and come home.

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