June 20, 2020

Cancer Season: A Time to Face Old Wounds & Heal the Heart. {June 20th}


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We all have accumulated wounds and lessons over the years of being on this earth plane.

None of us have come out unscathed or unmarked from pain, suffering, loss, and trauma.

Life is sweet, and life is loss. Life gives, and life takes away, perhaps to be met with more space to receive our truer authentic selves and our values.

No one is immune to suffering. And, no man, woman, or non-binary human is an island. We are connected by something else between us. Call it God. Call it energy. Call it Love. Call it science or atomic matter. On some level, we all feel each other, which is why these times have felt so trying some days.

We feel the pain of our brothers and sisters, though it isn’t our direct pain. We feel the pain and anguish of our ancestors and the guilt of those they (and we) have harmed. We feel these things to varying conscious and sensitive degrees, of course.

Cancers are the feelers of the zodiac. They are sensitive, empathic, feeling, sensing, intuitive sea creatures who have traversed onto land for the time being. They have made a home of the earth and the dirt, though, on some level, their home here will never feel like home.

Their home—a sea-filled mass of oceanic proportions, where they can swim, breathe, play, love, share, flow, and be—is one that exists within them, no matter how far they drift from this true, authentic self. No matter the conditioning and trauma life throws at them, they deeply feel that life is nothing without family, love, feminine wisdom, feelings, and depth of being.

Cancers love what they love for no reason other than love is what they know. Love is at the core of their being, no matter how wounded they have been. This truth is the one thing they must continually return to—they bring that medicine and reminder back out into the world, for all to remember.

They are the healers, whether they know it or not. They are intuitive, warm, caring, and deeply compassionate. They understand the pain of others’ experiences. They, too, have known this pain—they have known rejection, abandonment, betrayal, and hurt.

The true, enlightened power of Cancer is to nurture the wounded self. It is to heal and bring that healing out into the world. This power remains untapped if one hasn’t chosen to face themselves fully and absolve the pain within with their own medicinal dosage of love.

Cancers know that no one can ever love them as much as they need, so they embark upon the quest to fill their own cup. This love pours over. It is no easy task. It is a mission of the utmost divine responsibility.

We are collectively moving into the time of Cancer, in more ways than one. Astrologically speaking, the sun moves into the nurturing sign of Cancer today, June 20. On top of this, Mercury just entered retrograde in the watery sign of Cancer (June 17) and will stay here until July 12. Once it begins its shadow period, we might still feel the effects. The north node (where we are headed collectively) was also in the sign of Cancer since 2018 and into May 2020, before it shifted to Gemini.

The focus of the last two years has been on home and family. We all have begun to remember the value of our relationships.

We are also in eclipse season, which means, in short, a time of sudden, unexpected upheaval and change. We have a new moon and solar eclipse at zero degrees of Cancer today, June 20 through tomorrow, June 21.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer may already be eliciting themes around old wounds of the family and home, triggers and traumas, communication, and sensitivity around our usage of words and thoughts. We all may be feeling just a little extra sensitive to words said (and even unsaid). Notice where the wound may be coming from. Rarely when we are triggered and heightened into a reactive state of fight, flee, or freeze are we acting purely from what happened at that moment. More often, these wounds are much, much older, going back to childhood.

Cancer is all about childhood and mother healing. We may begin to feel the old wounds we haven’t been ready to face and heal. Mercury is the planet of communication, technology, travel, and day-to-day routine. Cancer seeks security and comfort in the known. Many of our previously known worlds are no longer. We have little control these days over how secure we feel in our changing world.

We can only seek to feel secure and at home in the self now. This is our truest sense of security. Cancer knows this.

Cancer encourages us to seek a home within the self. We can only feel as worthy and powerful as we allow ourselves to feel. We can nurture ourselves and others only as much so as we believe in the innate goodness, benevolence, and abundance of the universe.

We are all Cancers to varying extents. Even if we do not know the ins and outs, the wisdom and the medicine of this sign, we all have this aspect within us—we are made up of all the zodiac signs.

Cancer season is a time for all of us to get to know the intuitive, feeling, sensitive heart. It is a time of great healing of old wounds, traumas, and hurts. It is a time of healing in relationships, by first healing our relationship with ourselves. We may have learned ways to withhold love from ourselves and believe us to be unworthy of receiving love and care.

The power of these times is in seeing it all. In feeling it all. In sensing it all. Deeply. Profoundly. Painfully. And, so beautifully and fully. Days may pass where we feel the wretchedness of life and heartbreak. And, so, too other days may feel so full of love we will burst.

These are the changes and growth stages that are upon all of us. We are being asked to heal, to forgive, but to first dive deep into the waters of the emotional realms. To be cleansed with the medicine of Cancer, motherly, nurturing energy.

We only need to return to our hearts. We only need to place one hand on our hearts and feel the subtleties of energy, love, and a sense of belonging there. We are home. We are always home, no matter where we venture to, no matter how far away from the self we feel.

The only invitation is to keep coming back home to the self, to our values, to our truth, to our authentic self, and let that light, joy, and childlike innocence pour out of us as if for the first time.

This new moon and solar eclipse brings medicine for the heart, for the family wounds, for conversations to be had, for healing to happen, and a deep return to the self. Feel what we feel as if it was the utmost honor to feel that, no matter the looks or likes of it. Feel because we came here to feel.

We came here to feel as only humans can feel, to experience the vast array of all the feelings. Numbness, avoidance, distraction, and escapism come at too high of a cost of losing ourselves again. We have come too far to turn back to old, outdated patterns of self-harm, self-sabotage, and negligence. We only now need to step fuller into the power of our own divinity to remember who we are.

Stand tall. Stand open with arms outstretched to the eclipse-infused energy of this new moon and Cancer season.

Breathe in all that you are and who you came here to be.

Keep opening, even when it hurts. Keep opening because you are worthy of receiving all the love and beauty of this world.
We are all feeling and healing—all at the same time.

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