June 18, 2020

Combining Nature & Mindfulness to keep us Grounded & Sane at Work. {9 Tips}

I run a natural skincare business, but that doesn’t make me immune to the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day like every other entrepreneur!

I’ve found some ways to stay calm, centered, and grounded, especially in the middle of a busy workday.

Why is it so important to stay connected to nature, even in your office (or home office during the pandemic)?

Well, I find that if I can carry the peaceful, grounded feelings from my morning practice into my day, it’s easier to feel calm and balanced when something crazy happens at work. Then, it’s easier to think thoughtfully about the situation and not just react.

Here are the key ways I bring my mindfulness with me to work so I can do my best to stay grounded:

1. Change your password to a mantra, goal, or other motivational words—but still follow the rules to make it hacker-proof! Something like: HappyANDLoved, or MotivatedMindfulMillionare, or AbundanceisFLOWING.

2. Meditate for 5-10 minutes at a time throughout the day. It doesn’t take much to get back to basics. You can count your breath using a timer, while still staying away from your phone (keep it out of arm’s length) to motivate you not to check e-mails!

One of my favorite meditation exercises is to close my eyes and imagine I am at my favorite place in nature, then start feeling and noticing everything that I love about that place. Try it! Really get into everything about that place—how it smells, sounds, and feels to be there. Take three deep breaths then come back to the now.

Another favorite is to step outside and do a walking meditation while completely in your present moment awareness. Notice the way the sun feels on your skin. Are the birds chirping, are there plants and vegetation along the way? Do you hear the wind in the trees or your feet hitting the pavement? Focus on the beauty of nature—it’s amazing how easily you can find it in most places.

3. Surround yourself with nature right where you are, bring flowers and plants into your indoor environment reminding you of your meditation walk, or the last farmer’s market adventure you and your partner went on. I collect rocks when I am out hiking and then bring them into my office to surround myself with reminders of those special places that I have been. Another favorite is gathering juniper sprigs to create a connection to the land and remind me that I have all the strength I need inside of me like the Juniper tree that adapts and grows in arid, rocky landscapes.

4. Write down affirmations and put them everywhere. On my desk right now I have one from Louise Hay: “All is Well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation, only good will come.” This has helped me with the Covid-19 situation. Another that I have next to my computer that helps me remember the magic and good in the world: “You are a beloved of the universe. You are a spark of divine love in human form. Through you, goodness & Light flow into this world. Bless you.” – Unknown

5. Essential oils—diffusing them, putting them on chakras, and palm inhalation all help to keep calm and grounded throughout the day. Rose, Frankincense, Juniper, and Eucalyptus are my go-to oils.

>> Rose essential oil: Opens the heart to love and joy. Deepens any meditation practice.

>> Frankincense oil: Helps focus the mind and calm and uplift the spirit. It is grounding and centering—I like this one before going into meetings to stay focused and clear. 

>> Juniper oil: For grounding and focus as well as protection. 

>> Eucalyptus oil: For alertness, if I need to wake up and focus on a project. Feeling uninspired or tired? A quick palm inhalation will wake you up and help you to get back on track.

6. Go outside and take a walk without your headphones; just use your senses to feel and hear nature around you. Walk barefoot outside…the grass is good, but dirt, sand, and pebbles also work well—this is the quickest way to ground and feel connected to the land. It works well after a long Zoom call that you thought would never end.

7. Set up a little altar somewhere, even in a drawer! My girlfriends and I create pop-up altars with a favorite stone, message, or deity like Kuan Yin, or even a tiny statute of Ganesh that you can also take with you when you travel and need to feel safe and protected.

8. Get outside and hug a tree. (Yes, really!) Hug it, smell it, and feel the connection to the earth. It is amazing when you stop to tune in to the energy of the tree how you will start to notice that they all are different, depending on species. Get to know a tree that lives close to you and visit it throughout the year.

9. Limit exposure to the news cycle. It is smart to be informed, but I have cut out any television news and only listen to the news or read for a few minutes a day. Doing this makes a huge difference in my levels of anxiety and stress. On the weekends, I try not to engage in it at all and notice how much more hopeful I feel.

Once you find something that works, add it to your routine, and keep refining your list. Start with the tips above, then make it your own!

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