June 25, 2020

I have been Pushed Down, Pushed Aside, Ignored—& I am Pissed.

There is an inner revolution going on.
Something monumental is dying within me.

The tyrant
The controlling one
The ego
The distorted masculine
The distorted feminine

The one who pushed me aside with disregard for my true feelings.

I have been pushed down
pushed aside

stomped on



And I am pissed
I am pissed that you abandoned me
instead of protecting me
loving me

soothing me

hearing me

seeing me

Well I will be ignored no more.
I will rant and rage and kick and scream
until I get your attention and have my say.

I have feelings.
I have wisdom.
I have truth.

I demand a seat at the table.
I demand consideration and respect.

I am holy.
I am sacred.

You have no idea of my wrath and power.
I can pull your whole system down.
I can turn your world upside down.

I say let it burn.

All the downtrodden ones.
All the ones who have been pushed aside
and given a pat on the head.
Been beaten

been sacrificed.
All the ones who had no power and no voice.

Well hear us now.
We do have a say.
We have a lot to say.
We are the path forward.
The healing.
The new way of being.
Everything must change.
Everything must change.
Everything must change.

The New Earth.


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