June 4, 2020

June’s Eclipse Season: Shaking, Shifting & Transformation. {June 1 to July 8}


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Hold onto your hats; we are entering eclipse season.

And like everything this year, this is an out-of-the-ordinary time, souped-up with go-faster stripes.

Eclipse windows usually comprise of two eclipses; this season we have three. This gateway opened on June 1st, and closes on July 8th.

Eclipses are intense energetic portals that contain the potential to shift our lives into new territory, discover faith where we have long felt hopeless, and gain radical insights and meetings that can inspire our lives to move in new directions. They are karmic doorways where we can take huge paradigm leaps in our karmic unfolding.

For the next six weeks, expect the unexpected, prepare for miracles, and get ready to have your life and thinking rebooted.

Know that anything significant that happens in this window is your karmic destiny at work. The guidance that will come from this time is a signpost either confirming that you are on the your dharmic path (right where you need to be), or correcting your course in order to assist you in fulfilling your true potential.

Eclipses occur when we have a full or new moon slap bang on the moon’s nodes. This axis changes signs every 18 months, meaning our cycles of evolution as humans shift into new areas of life at these junctures.

For the past 18 months the north node (our area for growth and development) has been in Cancer, with the south (an area of life that is stuck or has reached ending of a cycle) in Capricorn. When this shift happened in November of 2018, we could see that in some way, this period would bring our focus back to our families, homes, roots—a to our authentic selves, away from what we do, and instead back to who we are.

Last month, in May, we shifted into a new energetic cycle with the north node now in Gemini (our future) and the south in Sagittarius (the past).

The invitation now is to harness the positive aspects of Gemini in our evolution: learning, questioning, communicating, and finding our identity in our local landscape. This speaks to connecting with and utilising the power of local community, or perhaps finding our voice through writing or some kind of creative medium.

With Sagittarian energy shaking up closure in our lives, areas worth reviewing are our spiritual practices, belief systems, and the places we look to for authoritarian guidance in life. It is time to get curious about whether they support our soul evolution any longer.

Interestingly, long-distance travel is also ruled by Sagittarius.

In essence, this transformational axis is asking us to engage within ourselves to find our truth and create a life based on our personal experiences, wants, and needs.

This time is calling for a shift away from looking to religion or other justice systems to tell us how we should be living, and toward making choices grounded in the reality of our personal experiences.

Some of the messages conveyed to us at this time may be hard to swallow; we cannot always exist on hope and wishful thinking. Sometimes, it comes down to making practical, hard choices in life. After all we are here to embrace human existence, not to disappear into the ether in a waft of incense and namastes.

This cycle is about making being human our new spiritual practice.

Returning from references outside of ourselves on how we should live our lives and into our personal truth—our inner activist energy is being activated. It’s asking us to question, question, question again until we feel comfortable with the answer.

For inspiration on how this cosmic energy might show up for you, look back to the period of October 13, 2001 to April 14, 2003. The last time that we had this configuration in the cosmos was in the aftermath of 9/11. International travel changed, and religious fundamentalism had a profound impact on all of our lives (both ruled by Sagittarius).

Overall, events in this next six-week window may offer us a glimpse of the ideal points of personal evolution to focus on over the next 18 months.

This eclipse period is also rather out of ordinary in that we have one in Sagittarius (opening up a new cycle of growth with a closure) being followed by two that complete the cycle of learning inspired by the Cancer/Capricorn axis.

It’s also happening right in the middle retrograde season, so prepare for some radical shake-ups in your internal landscape. There is potent detox energy available around our personal belief systems.

The theme of truth was kicked off by the journey down the rabbit hole with the new moon Gemini. With Neptune in play all eclipse season, don’t be surprised if you find yourself questioning areas of your life that once before seemed so certain.

The first eclipse is a partial south node lunar in Sagittarius on June 5th.

This eclipse holds the potential for endings and closures in our personal belief systems. The strongest period of any eclipse is felt in the two-week window after the eclipse, but essentially they set up a six-month pattern of transformation.

Mercury and Uranus are in play here, so don’t be surprised if you get some out of the blue inspiration around the themes above.

Even though this is a partial eclipse, the fact that it is happening on the great attractor means it still packs a punch in the manifestation department. Check out what house it falls in for you, and observe the synchronicities that unfold in this life area.

On June 21st (the summer solstice), a full moon solar eclipse in Cancer seeds new beginnings.

This is the time to replace the elements of life that may have exited or been cleared out by events over the past cycle. These center around home and family. Get curious about what you have learnt since November 2018, and get bold and busy nurturing a life with these learnings at the core.

At this lunation, Mars is stepping into the game. It is conjunct Neptune and square Chiron (the wounded healer). This is a potent, heady vibe —something I call “princess and the pea energy.” It is an uncomfortable sense and perception that something in our lives is not as it should be—a rising feeling of frustration that the truth we are being sold in whatever area of your chart that this falls, is not the actual or whole truth. This is especially relevant around the stuff that triggers our inner child and personal wounding.

This reflects the personal activism energy building over the next six months—our inner warrior energy. It arises when we feel a deep and overwhelming, primal voice arising, saying, “Enough is enough. I cannot live with this anymore. I cannot pretend that this is all okay. I have to make a change.”

We have to remain mindful in our actions here with Jupiter and Pluto in play with Mars’ energy. The impulse may be to express our rage, anger, or frustration; we must ensure this drive does not get in the way of making a positive, constructive change in our worlds. Here, the expression of our feelings needs not become the goal; our target ought to remain the manifestation of change through harnessing the power of our passion into a creation.

The final eclipse of this trio—a partial lunar in Capricorn—occurs on July 5th.

This is interesting, as it sets up the final cycle of the energetic shift that has been so strong this year toward the ending of the patriarchy. It will be interesting to see what evolves over the last few months of the year in terms of the power balance in the world, especially in regard to that of big corporations, politicians, and banks.

This eclipse season may not be easy, but it has the potential to offer us the transformational pressure we need to break down the walls of our limiting beliefs and to loosen the bricks of our lives and the world around us so that a new foundation can begin to emerge—a space where the needs of the many become the focus, not just the few.

This is a time to feel our personal power returning, and to focus on discovering our place and role in the world as a creative force for positive change. Even the stars say now is the time.

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