July 19, 2020

15 Things that Women (Actually) Want in Relationships.


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These are the 15 things I want from a partner (and I think the same can be said for all women).

They are simple but crucial.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Enhance my life just by being you.

2. Meet me where I am in life; treat me fairly. I have felt less-than in relationships before. I like it when you take the lead, but I also like knowing that you respect me.

3. Intellectual stimulation: I love the way our brains work when we put them together, whether for a common goal or play.

4. If you want to turn me on, I’ll (usually) enjoy it more if you go for my mind first.

5. Desire me? Let me know it. Any time is a great time to initiate some sort of touch.

6. Feel energized when you’re talking to me, or when you’re with me? Don’t be afraid to show it. My happiness increases when I know that I’m making you feel good.

7. Be curious. Ask me questions, even the hard ones. I love it when you take an interest of your own volition. It turns me on when you want (or need) to know something.

8. Understand that, for me, companionship and partnership go hand-in-hand. I believe a lover should, and can, be a best friend.

9. Care for and about me. This includes communicating openly and understanding that prolonged silence does not make me feel good. There is more power in “hello” than you may realize.

10. Know when the situation calls for emotional maturity and when playfulness is what I’m craving. In either case, make me smile.

11. Be supportive.

12. Make me feel safe. I’d like to know that I’m going to be okay when I’m with you.

13. Presence takes the form of face-to-face communication and virtual communication. No matter the method, presence is the greatest present. Look for the small ways in. Even the littlest gesture says to me, “I am here.” (Hint: I love it when you read my words.)

14. Your smile. It makes my heart happy. See #6.

15. Just love me. If you want to love me, do it while we’re still here.

Build her not a country, but offer her shelter. Feel her in her state by keeping your light on.

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