July 9, 2020

Do we need to “Fix” ourselves to Find Love?

It’s not about needing to “fix” yourself.

Because ultimately you were made beautiful and whole. It’s the limiting beliefs that creep in that tell us we’re something we’re not. Or the limiting beliefs that tell us love or dating is something it is not.

For example, we may have a limiting belief that we’re not pretty enough or we’re not skinny enough. Or a limiting belief around the dating world that no good men are out there. All of these limiting beliefs are sitting the stage for self-sabotage when it comes to finding love.

What is it about the subconscious mind that puts such strong false beliefs in our head that we begin to live as if it were true? What if we changed these subconscious beliefs into something that “fixed” our mindset into fully loving and accepting ourselves where we are? How would that change our ability to find and keep love?

One of the highest attraction factors when it comes to attracting a high-quality date is confidence. That’s confidence in the absolute knowing of who you are as a person. You walk into a room and own it. You’re not ashamed or self-conscious of who you are, your body type, or what others will think of you. You’re 100 percent secure in knowing that you were created a fully wonderful, worthy human being who is worthy of a great love.

We often forget that we were created to receive and to be great love. It’s the scars, the heartbreaks, and the rejections that begin to seep in and try to convince us otherwise. The fact is you have to be fully present within yourself and know your worth before expecting someone else to deem you worthy of dating. Because you already are worthy of dating! Remember that. Let that sink in deeply.

Date yourself. Buy yourself flowers, take yourself out to a nice dinner, and do all the things now that you wish a significant other would do.

It’s easy to overanalyze why you’re still single, why you’re still looking for love while everyone around you is getting married and having babies. We often overanalyze the mere fact that things are not happening in our timing. However, everything is happening in divine timing and patience is a virtue when it comes to finding a high-quality partner. We need to remember that a high-quality partner is worth the wait and trying to rush the process only creates more blocks on authentic love.

So, where are you today? Are you ready to dive deep into the waters of soul-quenching love? Then my biggest piece of advice for you is to find the soul-quenching love within yourself first. Rid the limiting beliefs about yourself and about love that are only creating more walls to your everlasting relationship.

Start today by journaling 10 things that make you amazing. Now take those 10 things and say them out loud to yourself every day until you feel your confidence rise to a new level.

Once we begin to realize our own power and worth, there will only be room to let radical love in.


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