July 31, 2020

Why we Need to Honor our Moontime (Period) with Moon Lodges.


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Indigenous cultures have made space for the women in their community for centuries, knowing that what they experience during Moontime impacts her, her family, and the community as a whole.

They knew that women are more receptive during their Moontime, and the intuition that would come to them during this time helped them grow as intuitive and wise spiritual leaders.

They recognized that some of our Moontime experiences are painful and may contain negative energy, so they are careful not to interrupt the natural process a woman experiences.

This space was taken place in a Moon Lodge, also often referred to as the “Red Tent.” Women would retreat to this secluded area, among others in their Moontime, when her period arrived.

The Moon Lodge allows women to shed their responsibilities and the influences of the outside world, as they shed their womb lining.

They would take this time to go inward—to reflect, to dream, to grieve, to process. As their bodies shed, their spirits shed the accumulated stress of being a woman, releasing what had been built up during the last cycle.

Women were given the opportunity to allow themselves to rest, meditate, and focus on connecting to spirit. They were given the space to reflect upon what was or wasn’t working for them in their lives and to give birth to new ideas.

Men respected that this was a necessary part of the woman’s moon cycle and took on her family responsibilities to allow her this time. In the company and support of other women doing the same, they connected to one another. Sharing their visions, dreams, and talents, they gained new insights and wisdom. These women would emerge from the darkness alchemized and renewed.

A woman’s cycle was once considered sacred, honored, and respected.

We need to be able to honour our body’s natural occurrence. We need to be honoured and respected. We need Moon Lodge time!

I was pleased to find that Moon Lodges have been brought back into existence in some areas, but not all of us have the resources to go to them.

So, some of us may need to begin honouring ourselves by creating our own sacred Moon Lodge Retreat.

How can we do this?

>> First, start by making sure the members of your family know how to support you and your newfound exploration. Their understanding is going to make a world of difference.

>> Track your cycles, if you don’t already, so you know when to prepare for your Moontime.

>> Prepare meals ahead of time and freeze them for future use.

>> Don’t schedule anything that you can avoid during your Moontime.

>> Finally, create a sacred space for yourself to retreat to. Keep a journal nearby for those brain dumps and insights. And avoid social media and unimportant communications.

Remember, this is the time to rest and reflect. This is your time to connect with your intuition and honour you.

If you have daughters, let this practice ripple from you to them. 

Honour your daughter’s first cycle by gathering elders, or even just yourself, to share your experiences and the wisdom you have that will help guide her through the emotional waters of the moon cycle.

Teach her how to honour her body and connect to her intuition. Lead the way by example. (She is watching.)

I’m bringing back what our ancestors knew to be true and turning it into our “new” normal.

Are you with me?


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