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July 29, 2020

I fell hard, and I fell madly in love with love itself.

What if we fell in love with the journey?

What if we knew the journey was the best part?

Have you ever been so rushed to get “the thing” that by the time it arrived, it lost it’s magical effect .. because then we missed the part of having to obtain it?

What if we fell so madly in love with love itself because, really.. love is all there really is.

Did you know that even one loving thought or act of love, feeling of joy even towards yourself sends out a ripple effect that lifts up every living thing and being..

Since we are all connected, we all play a part. We are not as insignificant as we think.

Even staring at the beauty and intricacies of a delicate flower that brings you joy, sends out the vibration of joy to the entire universe and every living thing in it.. that includes every human being, animal, plant.. even the weather.

When we say to ourselves, “uh I’m an idiot” we are then also sending out a low vibration to all of creation.

This journey is all about balance and while no, we aren’t always going to have pure and loving thoughts towards ourselves and others, we can choose to become more mindful and self-aware of our inner dialogue.

I know for certain that my inner voice plays tricks on me all the time and that’s why it’s important to stay in alignment with the present moment.

The present moment is all that is actually real. The past and future are imagination and like tapes either replaying something that is long gone or projecting something that hasn’t even happened yet.

The present moment is love. It’s free from fear, doubt, worry.

Alchemy- a way of transmuting low vibe thoughts into love. So when you catch yourself even jokingly saying, uh I’m such an idiot (the universe doesn’t know tone or humor) you can switch it to “I love that I act silly sometimes” or whatever sounds right to you.

Now, your ego may have a spazz attack and try to convince you that’s a lie but gracefully saying back, “no thank you, not now” Or.. “yeah, I am choosing this option .. I’m choosing love”.

You will notice IMMEDIATELY that the negative thought Disappears and you feel more at ease. You just raised your vibration! Now it might creep right back up and say.. “but I mean… blah blah blah…, more negativity” … and you’ll have to keep doing it like building a muscle.

It’s a practice and when things are in crisis, it’s crucial to check in with yourself periodically to make sure your auto pilot didn’t take over and start running the show like some sneak attack ninja move!

Kick that ninja out of the drivers seat and jump back in, take over and sprinkle all that love dust all over those thoughts!

Resisting it only makes it worse. It’s best to allow it to be there but transmute it. This doesn’t suppress it like resistance does, it actually transforms it into a loving thought! Magical huh! If it comes back, there’s just layers upon layers embedded.

We can’t destroy the shadow, it is equally a part of nature.. we can however, rise above it and shine light on it!

It’s empowering and rewarding and overtime you will see your self talk get better, less tolerance for negativity or engaging in negativity and your situations will change for the better.

The journey is all about learning, unlearning and experiencing life in a human body. We may as well see the beauty in what we’ve helped co-create.

And if you don’t like what you see.. be the love and light the way and as the ripple effect continues.. the world you see and experience will be full of joy, hope and gratitude.

And most of all, you will be a beautiful example for others to be inspired!

Let’s help others by contributing.  How about thinking of something you say that isn’t healthy, put it in the comments below and then shift it to a loving thought.

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