July 23, 2020

“The Wounded Healer” & How it’s Affecting our Sex Lives.”


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* Editors Note: Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit.


As I am balls deep in my sexual healing journey (no pun intended), I have been having a lot of candid conversations around the topic of sex, dating, and opening up again.

In a recent poll, I asked the question, “What type of energy do you feel when you think about sex?” and was shocked by the responses.

The top and most repeated answers were:

1. Discomfort/uncomfortable/anxious
2. Not worth it/tired/not getting turned on these days
3. Excitement/nervousness

It seems like the collective is feeling distant from sex right now.

It could very well be tied to the fact that we are experiencing a global pandemic; so perhaps our energy is shifting toward other important issues, like our healing, our family, our spirituality, and survival mode.

Sex becomes less important when the social, physical, financial, and emotional parts of our lives are all hit at once.

I, personally, have been celibate to heal my own sexual chords, trauma, and unhealthy attachment habits when it comes to sex. My sexuality has always been something that was layered in drugs, alcohol, and partying with toxic people.

Most of the sex I’ve had in my life was toxic and traumatic, which naturally led me to fall  into the realm of celibacy—to heal, cleanse, and reset my sexual body and mind.

If this has been a theme in your life recently, then Chiron (a comet with an erratic orbit) could be influencing your sexual desires, energy, and perspectives on the topic.

Let’s dig a little deeper into what’s occurring, astrologically.

Chiron is the wounded healer, which in my opinion, directly correlates with sex. Do you know where Chiron is placed within your birth chart?

The sign and house that Chiron falls within will give you important information as to why you feel drawn to certain types of people (perhaps, people who aren’t good for you). It can also shine a light of awareness on a consistent pattern or cycle that has been challenging to break, such as past life energy or karma replaying itself.

When it comes to the world of dating, relationships, and partnerships, becoming intimate with someone while we are still in the muddy trenches of our healing journey can feel forced, unnatural, and uncomfortable.

When Chiron begins to retrograde from us earthlings, we can find ourselves in an array of emotions. We might find ourselves easily triggered by people, places, and things. We might be easily influenced energetically by those around us—any small thing could throw us for a loop.

We might find ourselves feeling more distant than usual, and because we find ourselves frazzled, angry, resentful, depressed, or irritable—which are all labeled bad emotions—we naturally gravitate away from other people, and hide those parts of ourselves.

Depending on where Chiron falls in our natal charts will determine how we help people heal, especially ourselves. We are all healers in one way or another; Chiron gives us information on how we can help heal the collective. When Chiron is in retrograde, we can feel out of sorts or a bit disconnected from our purpose.

The best astrology reading of my life (with Alyssa) revealed my Chiron was in Cancer, my eighth house; which is all about learning to nurture yourself. Because of this, I’ve wanted to heal everyone—he wounded, the narcissists, the addicts, and the manipulators.

Ask yourself this: have you attracted to partners with problems or who didn’t treat you right? If so, your Chiron placement could be a huge puzzle piece worth discovering.

Lastly, because Chiron is the wounded healer, until we heal our inner wounds we will keep attracting the wrong people. So, maybe it’s time to create a new pattern, so you can attract a new type of person in—different from the rest.


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