July 30, 2020

Our Rising Sign is More Important than we Think.


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What the heck is my rising sign?

A lot of people newer to astrology are not completely familiar with a rising sign and even some of the more “well-seasoned” astrology nerds (yes, I am an astrology nerd) are still not entirely aware of just how much our rising sign can affect the whole of our natal charts (or “life map” as I like to refer to it).

In all transparency, only now am I more fully aware as to why I have always seemed to resonate more with my rising sign as opposed to my sun sign. While I certainly see characteristics of my sun sign, on a deeper level I can see where my rising sign has impacted the majority of my life.

Some astrologers have indicated that we are here to grow through our rising signs in order to become our sun signs. For instance, if someone has a rising sign in Pisces but a sun sign in Libra; the soul might be here to learn how to grow out of being more emotional and into being more discerning.

In the most basic ways of describing the rising sign, it is the mask we wear and how we oftentimes come across to others—the first impressions we give.

Our rising sign can even determine how we look or what draws people to us.

On an astrological level, the rising sign is the constellation that was rising on the East the moment we were born. The significance of East is that it is said to represent the soul and new beginnings; so essentially, it could be thought of as the soul’s beginning.

Our rising sign represents our new lifetime and sets the theme for our entire lives and natal chart; it is our birth chart ruler. So those with a rising sign in Scorpio might have lives that center around the archetypal nature of death and rebirth. That said, just like spirit, there are no hard and fast rules, which is the beauty of life. No one truly knows and anyone who claims otherwise is operating straight from ego.

There are three reasons the rising sign is important:

1. It defines how we operate in the world

The rising sign we are born under might greatly impact how we process the world we live in.

It can determine how we express ourselves, how we process information, and can even influence our physical identity and characteristics. So, for example, if you have a rising sign in the placement of Capricorn you could come across as very serious, and you might analyze the world around you in a more practical and grounded manner. Which leads me to number two.

2. Nature versus nurture

It is suggested that our souls choose our parents and our life themes so it could stand to reason that our rising sign will assist us in choosing the “right environment” in order for us to develop into the fullness of our rising sign.

We can then live in the world processing the theme of this aspect of our natal chart and (as mentioned previously) grow out of our rising sign before advancing fully into our sun sign.

Additionally, it has been said that if your rising sign and your sun sign fall under the same zodiac sign, there are things from a previous lifetime that you did not get the chance to learn and work through and still need healing. Crazy right?

3. Your rising sign gives added layers

When we factor in our rising sign to our overall sense of identity, it can give us a deeper understanding of ourselves.

For example, Sagittarians tend to be a bit more outgoing and adventurous in nature, but if a Sagittarius has a rising sign in, let’s say, Virgo, you might notice that there is a more grounded quality present as opposed to the more carefree traits that Sagittarians are known for.

Additionally, when you factor in a rising sign with your horoscope, you might find extra layers to the overall energies that could be affecting you in your day-to-day.

How do I find my rising sign?

So now that we have a bit more knowledge around why this sign is so important, you might be wondering how you can determine yours.

You will need your exact time of birth, the location of where you were born, and your birthday. Plug that into a rising sign calculator to learn more about the amazing soul that you are, and there you have it.


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