August 22, 2020

When Life Acts Like a Two-Year-Old.

“Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ~ Mary Oliver


Another season of Elephant Academy is approaching this fall, and I am falling off my seat with excitement for the new wave of talented writers to come on board this Ele-ship!

And me? I’ll be continuing to make sure I am four feet in and sticking to the commitment to myself to show up for my passion.

Life does get crazy busy at times (especially in the fall), and it’s so easy to skip over the things that feed and maintain our soul—writing included. It’s not always easy, you know.

I sat down at my computer to write this mini-article/poem, and my sticky-fingered, blonde, smiling two-year-old daughter literally sat on my keyboard. She wanted my attention in the same way so many other parts of life bid for attention.

I had a choice at that moment. I could become stern and force my daughter away in preference of my agenda, or I could become soft, and play with my girl, who is only two, for a short while before she grows into a more mature version of herself. These moments of love opportunities are fleeting and surround us constantly, but we have to slow down to see them. 

When Life Acts Like a Two-Year-Old. {Poem}

When life acts like a two-year-old,
and you just can’t catch a break.

When your picture-perfect to-do list
gets forgotten because you’re late.

When you call your mom to ask a question,
and she keeps you on the phone.

When your child won’t go to sleep
‘cuz they are scared to be alone.

What if we slowed down
and really looked to see,
what is it in this moment
that life is asking of me?

We all have our agendas;
our things we’ve got to do.

But what is life if not to love
those who care for you?

This world will keep on running
if you let go of your perfect ways.

Pause and maybe breathe a sec’
and let love guide your days.

So whatever journeys or ambitions we are following at the moment, let it be just that. Take the scenic route. Breathe in each moment. The beauty is in never fully arriving because, with each passing experience, our souls become richer, depending on the lens we use to see the world.

Be focused. Setting goals is a great thing. However, maybe try to be more like a willow tree—always rooted and growing toward the sun, but also moving with the wind. 

Time is like clay—use it to create what you may.


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Read 33 comments and reply

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