September 30, 2020

Key Takeaways from the most Un-Presidential Debate in U.S. History.

Whew! It was the worst, most unpresidential debate in our history.

Our president was a toddler bull in a china shop. Biden called him on his bullying behavior. I for one do not want four more years of this shameful, lying, boorish, fact-rejecting, uncaring “leadership.” Give us decency, and unity, and progress—and democracy.

The below are some choice, apt, perceptive comments via Reddit, and Twitter, with commentary by yours truly.

“Biden calmly telling the camera, in no uncertain terms, that Trump is full of sh*t. Beautiful.”


>Bonus: And he told them to “stand back and stand by…BUT SOMEONE HAS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE LEFT.” Dog whistle for American on American violence much?
While overall Wallace did his best, that’s not good enough. Turn off the President’s mic if he’s interrupting. Turn. it. off. This was shameful.  Other than allowing Trump to steal time, I don’t think most folks could do better. That said, we needed better.~”this ****** moderating.


Trump spends a minute rambling about his crowd sizes

Biden says five sentences

“Finish up we need to move on to the next segment sir :)”


Politics aside, the way Joe said “I’m proud of my son, I love my son!” without hesitation, was heartwarming

“I know those are all English words, but I’ve never heard them in that order…” ~ Trump children


“Trump just talks and talks and talks. This dude is actually bringing up SWINE FLU to deflect from his covid mismanagement.” “14k > 200k”…and counting. No closed economy. No defunding of the Pandemic Response Team, that could have nipped this in the bud.


Trump: You cannot defeat me

Biden: You’ll defeat yourself.


Hillary Clinton +3

Joe Biden +8

Via Steve Kornacki on MSNBC.


On the final section, about the election—the foundation of democracy: “I don’t care if I have four bear traps on each of my fucking legs, I am voting in person.

Poll watching is a fucking dogwhistle for VOTER INTIMIDATION.”


ABC just called it the worst debate in history. Fair summation: “Wallace lost control of the debate in the first few minutes, gets a 5/10 as a moderator. Biden looked shaky at times but had some clever comebacks and some heartfelt moments and looked genuine and classy. Trump was Trump, combative and disruptive and untethered to reality or empathy as ever.”

With a few edits by yours truly:

Trump wants us to look away. He needs us to give up. That’s the only way he wins. If the truth is overshadowed. So: don’t look away. Don’t give up. Let’s support decency & vote the cowardly bully out. 


Read more here: A Night of Secondhand Embarrassment & Why Voting is more Important than Ever.


Post debate, worth reading the comments, too:

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Read 12 comments and reply

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