September 6, 2020

Let Love In because that’s what Love is For. 

If long ago you told love, “no more,”
yet one day, she showed back up at your door,
would you allow that Goddess in,
or would you refuse her once again?

Would you see her punished—just another whore—
until she collapsed, a broken heap on the floor,
bludgeoned by the pain you’ve suffered before?

Because love is not welcome—not anymore.

Instead of letting love in
to heal those wounds deep within,
would you really choose hell
because it’s what you’ve known well?

And what of your heart, whose beautiful scars
would be an inspiration for others if not kept behind bars?

With walls so high and barbed wire and bars,
in this prison you’ve created, your heart slowly starves.

And there lies that Goddess on your floor,
and once again, you hear yourself say, “no more.”

But this time is different because you are now on your knees.
This time you’ve listened; you have heard your heart’s pleas.

You have decided to put an end to this war.
Your high walls all crumble, and you open that door.

You summon your courage,
seeing love in a new light.
And that Goddess rises up,
radiating delight.

For it was no mistake that
love arrived at your door
and willingly sacrificed
there on your floor.

She knew your story—she heard, “no more.”
But this goddess is love, and love knows the score.

In love, there is healing;
that’s what love is for.



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Read 1 comment and reply

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