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September 10, 2020

The fashion-inspired travel destinations you need on your bucket list

If, like me, you live for fashion, you’ll likely agree that one of the best things about visiting new countries and cities is checking out the local style. While some cultures embrace long-standing traditions in their clothing, other nations are so free in their fashion choices that they’re constantly setting new trends.

Okay, some travel is off the cards for the time being (there’s a global pandemic, after all), but there’s no harm in dreaming about future travel ventures. So, while you’re putting together a mental bucket-list, here are 12 super-stylish destinations I think every fashion fan will love.


The ‘City of Light’the ‘City of Love’…and THE fashion capital? Some would certainly say so! As one of the ‘Big Four’ fashion cities (alongside New York, London and Milan), Paris is famous for its fashion scene, hosting some of the most prestigious industry events in the world during its biannual fashion weeks.

New York

It’s in New York that the concept of ‘fashion week’ was hatched, and it’s kept hold of its status in the industry ever since. And, more importantly, the ‘Big Apple’ is famous for its shopping, so it’s the ultimate place to head for a spot of retail therapy! Street styles in the city reflect its diversity, with people dressing with confidence.


With 6 of the world’s 20 leading fashion universities based in the U.K., London is one of the best cities for budding fashion talent to find their feet in the industry. And with so many creatives milling the streets, the ‘Big Smoke’ has a reputation for its quirky and eccentric sense of style.


Milan is known for its luxury and class, and it turns out the Italians are as stylish as they are romantic. The famous Via Monte Napoleone in Milan is considered to be one of the most expensive and prestigious streets in the world and the city’s style is characterised by high-quality textiles and chic tailoring.


Widely regarded as the fashion capital of Asia, Tokyo is like nowhere else in the world– it simply oozes the future! And the city’s fashion scene is just as outlandish, inspired by a diverse set of sub-cultures, including Mori Kei, Lolita and Gyaru. It’s got to be seen!



Berlin is the capital of cool, and a true creative hub.  With streets packed with artists, musicians, writers and designers, the trendy locals help create its reputation for edgy street styles and a love for vintage clothing. Flohmarkt im Mauerpark is a mecca for fans of pre-loved fashion.

São Paulo

Style in São Paulo is about as sizzling hot as its climate! Brazilians love the opportunity to dress up and when they do, it’s eclectic, loud and colourful. The city’s fashion scene is huge, with São Paulo Fashion Week having grown to become the fifth largest in the world.


Style in Amsterdam mirrors the city’s laidback culture, with its residents sporting an ‘effortlessly cool’ vibe. And, suitably, the city has a reputation as the ‘denim capital of Europe’, home to more denim labels per square metre than anywhere else. In fact, with many fashion brands setting up shop in the city, it’s become home to an abundance of creatives.


Thanks to “K-Pop” booming in global popularity over recent years, South Korean style is most certainly having its turn in the spotlight. Trends are commonly inspired by urban wear and youth culture, and young fashion talent are driving the rising success of Seoul Fashion Week.


Nigeria’s Lagos is lively and bustling and the local fashion matches that. It’s a city of craftsmanship and seamstresses, and they love their clothing to be bespoke. Victoria Island is one of the best shopping areas for high-end boutiques, while Lagos’ markets are renowned for traditional clothing and crafts.

Los Angeles

Home of Hollywood, LA is famed for its glitz and glamour, but the city also has a really laid back, bohemian side to it. California fashion is relaxed, colourful and full of personality. And with this, more and more small brands are cropping up around the city, with sustainability and the environment at their hearts.


When I think of Melbourne, it conjures up the smell of their incredible coffee and I can immediately see an image of the locals’ effortless ‘all black uniform’. And much of said uniform is made up of the perfect blend of vintage finds, local labels and designer brands. If you’re a fan of pre-loved fashion yourself, Sydney Road is the place to be!


There are tonnes of other places I’d love to add to this list, but I’m afraid I’d be here all day! Nonetheless, I hope it’s provided you with some valuable inspiration for your next fashion-fuelled trip.



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