September 27, 2020

The Single Best Thing you can do for Yourself & our World (without Leaving the House).

How can we actually create peace & healing?

It begins with our own big red raw broken heart. Being good to yourself doesn’t mean being hard on yourself, or easy on yourself. It means making friends with oneself. Friends are loving, and honest, both. As we make friends with all of ourselves—our aggression, or fears, our insecurities—we can make friends with our world, and instead of seeking for victory or ease, we carry wholesomeness within us wherever we go. ⁠

⁠The election is weeks away. Voting has begun. The Post Office has been partisaned. RBG has passed away. Covid deaths have sped past 200,000, yet many of our fellow citizens don’t give a care. It’s easy to feel confused, disheartened, exhausted, helpless.⁠

But if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that we are not helpless. Even without leaving our house, we can save our world (and be kind to ourselves, along the way).⁠

Save your seat—free: Register for Monday’s event, here.

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Show up for yourself. Show up for each other. Show up if so inspired.

You can enjoy the recording after the fact if the time doesn’t work for you.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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